2009 Yamaha R1 with red neon lights

Finally gave in and bought some red neon lights for my motorcycle. The blue strips are actually just reflective tape for your rims haha. But I thought it would look cool if I put it as a trim. I was sick of people nearly hitting me while I rode around town at night hopefully this will help. Please check out my other videos on my channel and subscribe for more videos. https://www.youtube.com/user/Perfecto1414

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#1 2009 - 2014 R1 HID Halo Demon eyes headlights by BKMOTO.COM

2009 Yamaha R1
June 14, 2012----- Went for a quick ride to Virginia City, Nevada. Which is not very from Reno, Nevada. It was a very beautiful day to ride. Definitely took advantage of that haha. I rode my 2009 Yamaha R1. This is what calms me down. Slow is smooth and smooth is fast. I was the one taking the video so it was kind of hard to do a video while I was taking the turns. Maybe next time I will have someone shoot that, that would be great.

Yamaha R1 Angel Light
his video is belong to Huzaim Ahmed

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