2CV Citroen vs Olds 442

The street legal 2CV Citroen will hit the 442 Olds at the Turtmann 1/4 Mile Drag Racing in Turtmann 2007 - good job "duck racer"!

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2CV Turbo Ducky - 1/4 Mile
More Infos - https://www.facebook.com/nes.cars.9

Citroen 2CV BMW at Mallory Park 2013
Footage of a BMW powered Citroen 2CV 'Test Mule' at Mallory Park Race Circuit. (Driven by multiple 2CV champion Pete Sparrow) The event: Practical Performance Car Magazine Track Day 2013 (PPC In The Park) Specification: Completely standard 2CV with standard gearbox, brakes, suspension, chassis and clutch. Put together with secondhand parts to test durability on the road and track. Sparrow Automotive conversion kit fitted to welcome any BMW flat twin R series engine. Test engine on this vehicle is BMW 1100s bike engine underneath the original 2CV bodywork. The result: 95bhp 0-62 mph in under 9s Top Speed 100mph + More Info: http://www.sparrowautomotive.co.uk http://www.studioru.co.uk

Holaaaaa Aca otra de mis locuras esto es a la salida de interlomas pegandole un pique a mi negra v/s un chevrolet 51 potenciado tan solo la deje a fono unos segundo ya queme el takometro marco 7.000 rpm esos fueron 140 km/h aprox. de ahi rapidamente la regrese a 120 no quixe arriesgarme a una explosion jaja saludossss

Citroen 2CV + Ferrari = 324 kmh
The fastest 2CV on earth, fitted with Formula 1 Ferrari V10 engine, thrashing a Slovenian village of Duplje to pieces! Top speed: 324 km/h