Darkside Racing | KellyxBuilt 780+WHP Stock Block SC300 2JZ

First time at the track with his new setup on 10 yr old Slicks. Lol CMI Sac Raceway June 1, 2014

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9-Sec 2JZ SC300 | DSPORT Magazine
Rocky Mountain Street SC Fights For Nines For those living at or near sea level, it’s much easier to breathe and make horsepower than it would be for someone at a mile above sea level. The thin air and reduced oxygen density really makes it tough, just ask the DSPORT staff who recently returned from the IDRC Street Tuner Mayhem event in Morrison, Colorado. The challenging environment is the reason athletes train at higher elevations, to better condition themselves for competition at lower elevations. Like competitors in training, tuners in Colorado face the additional challenge of not only producing more horsepower, but also delivering quick passes down the drag strip as well. Given the challenges faced by competitors at a mile high, it’s no wonder that we especially admire the machines making passes in the single digits. Brett Miller has had an eye on the Supra since he started to drive. His first car was a 1990 MA70 Toyota Supra. While not quite a JZA80 Mark IV Supra, it wasn’t bad for a first car. However, Miller soon grew tired of replacing blown head gaskets and considered a 2JZ-GTE swap. But his old Supra’s styling felt dated, and he really wanted to upgrade to a JZA80. Unfortunately, the price of a Mark IV Supra was driven well beyond Blue Book value due in part to the popularity and notoriety gained from The Fast and The Furious. So he looked at a subtle and luxurious alternative, a Lexus SC300. Miller sold the MA70 and purchased this 1993 SC300 during his senior year of high school, kicking off a project that would span over eleven years. Check out the DSPORT Feature Car playlist... https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL83h1c0-9HAxuxDX1IcCeW5q1BpcQ9PiB All your favorite DSPORT content now in one place... http://dsportmag.com

Orlando Nights | Real Street 2JZ SC300 vs Honda CBR1000, 1320video Camaro SS, Turbo 5.0 & more!!
This insane 1,xxx 2JZ does NOT mess around! Check out our latest footage and then some! Thanks to 1320video for having some fun in the Camaro against the turbo 5.0 turbo 5.0 is around 700 RWHP and the same for the Supercharged 5.0 IG: @rwyb_racing FB: https://www.facebook.com/runwhatyabrungracing Photo Credit: Adrenalinemotorsportsfl & SCKINGZ on Instagram

1,064WHP SC400 Stock bottom end 2JZ-GTE 8285 Turbo.Stock short block record!
I tuned my buddies 8285 Lexus SC400 that we built..Made 1,064WHP and 810WTQ @37PSI.Stock bottom end,E85,Ported and polished head,GSC S2 cams,2200cc injectors,AEM V2.2JZ-GTE

TRC 2JZ 240 8.7@155 Stock motor+factory auto -ASAP-
Apparently the TRC 240 loves the cold weather... Officially in the 8's, still with stock 2JZ internals and a factory built trans!! Driven 70 miles to the track and back home! Special thanks to Shane@asaperformance, jason@ATF www.atfspeed.com, Lance @toyomoto! MODS: stock motor internals, Factory A340e built by ATF(atfspeed.com), Titan 3500 converter, billet 7175 turbo, stock intake manifold, ebay Intercooler, 3 inch Exhaust, stock springs and struts, mickey thompson drag radials, Dual walbro's with kennebell Boosta pump, AEM EMS, Bosch 2200 injectors, and e85