Titan Motorsports Built Auto Supra w/Haltech ECU

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FSR Motorsport Creations ProEFI Supra Auto
Short introduction to a standard FSR Supra build. FSR cast manifold single turbo kit, Precision 6466 ball bearing turbo, FSR stage 2 fuel system, and a ProEFI 128 ecu with traction control and flex fuel. This car is a daily driven stock motor, built auto car with over 750rwhp on just 28psi, stock motor.

Zach's Automatic Supra makes 600 wheel horsepower on the dyno at Induction Performance
After buying this Supra, Zach discovered that it wasn't necessarily all that it was cracked up to be buy the previous owner. A "shop" in the Northeast performed some work on the car, and it was not running as it should. Drivability was poor, the car hesitated in the middle of a pull and did not make the power it should. Following a ProEFI install and fuel system overhaul with the intent of converting the car to ethanol, Zach's Supra is running and driving beautifully. It made more than 600 wheel horsepower through an inferior and tired turbocharger, and now performs to the best of the current setup's ability.

T67 Auto Supra at the track
T67BB automatic supra at mason dixon, on weak drag radials. First run redlighted while staging, tripped clock, still ran a 10.8@130. Second run the car kicked out, let off the gas, got back in it and it spun through first, hit the rev limiter, then spun the first part of second to a 10.7@130 and a 1.6 60ft

World's fastest Toyota Supra Auto
1320 Motorsports / Matt Lennen / Fuel Injector Clinic Supra goes 8's on a factory auto! 1,000 whp through a stock auto trans!