Titan Motorsports Built Auto Supra w/Haltech ECU

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Titan Darin at OSW Drag strip running 8's all day
Titan Motorsports is went to Orlando Speed World and here is video of Darin's runs for the day.

Titan Motorsports Driver Gary White's 1100 whp Daily Street Driven Toyota Supra
Gary White's 1100whp Daily Driven Toyota Supra: After modernizing and upgrading the Fuel system and turbo. We also converted the multi-stage Nitrous system into one single-stage system. This allowed for a solid powerband with over 1000whp. Updated Parts List: -Precision 6870 BB -Titan 3.4L stroker kit, using carillo HD rods, and Titan 9.25 Custom pistons -Titan stage 4 Head with Titan 272 cams -Titan Fuel triple pump fuel system with AEM E85 Fuel pumps FIC 1650cc injectors -MoTeC M800 Engine Management System that was calibrated by Shane Tecklenburg, featuring, lambda, traction control, Boost control. Etc. -Nirtous express kit with single fogger Dry kit. (75 shot) -Tilton Triple carbon Clutch -6spd transmission

Titan Motorsports Built 370z Twin Turbo
We had the pleasure of building this great 370Z turbo for a customer, from bone stock to 450whp track monster. The new owner can now enjoy the car at any race track and make the most of his "GTR Killer" with improved brakes, suspension, engine and safety upgrades.

Titan Motorsports Tech Tip: The Basics of MIG Welding, and How to MIG weld
Titan Motorsports Tech Tip: The Basics Of Mig Welding We realize that many people enjoy the process of getting their hands dirty in the garage building their own projects, but the cracked flanges, stuck bolts and broken studs can quickly dampen ones spirits. In our new Tech Tips series Titan Motorsports lead fabricator Tim Takash shows you tips and tricks learned in his 30+ years of building race cars and fabricating high performance parts. In this series will be showing the shortcuts and quick tips he's learned over the years you get around your projects much easier at home. In our first Tech Tip, Tim shows the basics of MIG welding steel, a great technique for quickly and effectively welding various vehicle components from roll bar base plates to Exhaust flanges.