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GTA Road Atlanta 2013 at Drift Atlanta with Formula Drift May 10-11, 2013 Official #GlobalTimeAttack Video of the GTA Road Atlanta 2013 Time Attack. Thank you Continental Tire | turbo by Garrett | SPEC Clutch | Whiteline | Meister Watches | MotoIQ | Motor Mavens for the support of GTA 2013. Thank you WORLD Motorsports for the recap video! more info on GTA - www.globaltimeattack.com All Roads Lead to the #GTAsuperlapbattleFinals GTA Super Lap Battle Finals at Buttonwillow Raceway November 15, 2013


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2013 Tsukuba Time Attack - Fastest NA 12月8日 筑波最速決定戦
The battle for all bragging rights, as amateur drivers from all across Japan converged to set their fastest times at Tsukuba Circuit (TC2000). The Attack - Maximum Challenge - was mainly divided into the NA Class and Attack Classes 1 & 2. The main events being the run by "Under" Suzuki in his S15 in the Attack 1 Class and also the battle for fastest NA between Garage Work's EG6 and Sunbeam's E46 M3 CSL. I was there to support a friend in the Orangeball DC5R, in his mission to set a sub-60 second lap time in a 937kg car with bone stock motor. Watch and be blown away by the lap times! Enjoy!! Thanks to: Patrick at MFactory http://www.teammfactory.com THE Replacement for Displacement! Music Credits and special thanks to: Easy Lemon by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

Home built Time Attack GT-R
We recently caught up with Mark at Mallala testing the new aero and setup on his R32 GT-R. Although the front diff was on it's way out and the rear splitter wasn't finished, he still managed some half decent lap times. We're looking forward to seeing Mark progress more with the car and hopefully watching him at World Time Attack some time in the future.

Misano. CLASH supports : Mattia Merli More videos http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEA283B183970DB7A Mattia Merli and Clash work together to bring you some great videos. If you want more, spread the word and share the video ! About the director Mattia Merli: "Has wheels? Has an engine? Than I will shoot it!! Born and raised in Italy where is impossible to ignore the motorsport culture, my goal is to transmit the feeling, the passion, the thrill beneath a motorsport event. It doesn't matter of which instrument you choose to shoot, the important is to GO OUT AND SHOOT!!"

3er Round Time Attack Chile

BMW M3 Loses Drivetrain & Front Lip Spoiler During Time Attack
Tyler McQuarrie's final run in the Limited RWD class Platte Forme a.g. BMW M3 at Buttonwillow Raceway, CA ended with his drivetrain blowing before his front lip spoiler was ripped off by overzealous track hands. See for yourself. Doh!!!! McQuarrie won the Limited RWD class and set the fastest lap time of the day overall at 1:48.038. Full Article: http://bit.ly/SLBGTAss https://www.facebook.com/superstreetmag

momofoolio Racing - New Street AWD Record - Super Lap Battle X Global Time Attack Final 2012
momofoolio Racing presents Super Lap Battle X Global Time Attack Final 2012 Buttonwillow Raceway 13CW Driver - Alex Peng Tire - Yokohama AD08 1st Place Street AWD - New Class Record - 1:54.725 (sorry no footage =/) 2nd Place Street RWD - 1:56.881 (fastest practice time 1:56.4 not recorded) Special Thanks to: SportCar Motion WestEnd Alignment Pit Garage Eibach Springs APR Performance Rising Star Motor PuddyMod Racing Church Tuning Extreme Speed Track Events GodSpeed Project Berk Technology Innovative Mounts Science of Speed Massimo Power Crew - Jeff Tyler, Sky Chan, John Tran Directed/ Filmed/ Edited by Zhong Chueng

[Time Attack] - Togethia - Round 2 Croft Circuit 2013: PT.1
Togethia -- Time Attack Round 2 Croft Circuit 2013 Togethia Media Services - http://facebook.togethia.tv - Time Attack Championship UK Follow them on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/UKTimeAttack -- Time Attack takes to the super-fast 2.1 mile, North Yorkshire circuit for the first time this weekend, and its combination of long straights, fast sweeping bends and switchback hairpin will test every aspect of the teams' latest aerodynamic, mechanical grip and sprinting performance upgrades. Aerodynamics have been a particular focus for many Time Attack engineers over the winter testing period, and with speeds of up to 130mph through some Croft sweepers (Jim Clark Esses and Barcroft), we'll see for sure just who has found that all-important extra aero-downforce. It's going to be wild ride for drivers, and spectators. http://www.timeattack.co.uk --- Audio -- AlexAnder and Dr. Ozi - Down Low https://www.facebook.com/Dr.OziOfficial + Cloudkicker - Fade - 07 Our Crazy Night http://cloudkicker.bandcamp.com/ -- Filmed - Mark Henderson, James Young, Tim Fare-Matthews Edited - Tim F.Matthews Animation - Samuel Newlove Photographer - Nick Williams, John Stewart Producer - Pete Farrow Follow/Subscribe to us on Facebook: http://facebook.togethia.tv Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.togethia.tv and on Youtube: http://youtube.togethia.tv and finally check out our blog! -- http://blog.togethia.tv/

Redline Time Attack 2013 Round 1 With RoadMinion
Redline Time Attack 2013 Round 1 With RoadMinion 2013 Join Joe trackside as he brings you all the action from the historic ButtonWillow Raceway! RoadMinion is a webased show that focuses on all aspects of the car industry. Check us out at www.roadminion.com for all the latest event coverage, photos and more. Also visit us at www.facebook.com/pages/RoadMinioncom/131940060166000

World Time Attack Challenge Australia 2010 - Octane Report
Visit http://OctaneReport.com for more stories and pics from the World Time Attack Challenge. Some of the fastest time attack cars on Earth - Tomei/Cusco, Cyber Evo, Sierra Sierra Enterprises, Hi-Octane Racing, Panspeed and R-Magic.

European Time Attack 2013 - Achna Speedway, Cyprus - 24 Productions

Snail Performance Global Time Attack Road Atlanta
Snail Performance 2003 Subaru WRX Running Global Time Attack Road Atlanta May 10/11 2013. 3rd Place Unlimited AWD with no 3rd or 4th Gear. SnailPerformance.com ForcedAirTech.com GlobalTimeAttack.com Thanks to our sponsors Continental Tire, Wheeldude.com, turbosmart USA, Whiteline US, LIC Motorsports, turbo by Garrett, and turbos Direct.

European Time Attack Challenge - 2nd Day
European Time Attack Challenge @ Achna Speedway, Cyprus 2nd Day 19 May 2013 Final Results: 1. 1 CONCORDE RACING 1:04.449 2. 20 ANDY PAPAGEORGIOU 1:04.950 3. 2 MICHAEL SOFOKLEOUS 1:05.516 4. 3 KYOKUDO RACING 1:05.739 5. 24 DENIZ ALI 1:05.980 6. 5 YIANNIS KAPETANIOS 1:06.818 7. 6 CHRISTOS THRASIVOULOU 1:07.519 8. 4 KYRIAKOS MINA 1:07.663 9. 26 HARIS PERIKKOS 1:07.825 10. 28 PIERS MASERATI 1:08.078 11. 27 DIMITRIS LAMBROU 1:08.138 12. 21 GEORGE MARAKKOS 1:08.232 13. 7 ALEXIS GKOUGKOURIS 1:08.641 14. 25 CHRIS PAPAGEORGIOU 1:09.582 15. 9 SPYROS TSIAMANTAS 1:09.606 16. 11 ANDREAS CHARALAMBOUS 1:09.641 17. 8 HARUT KACHATRIAN 1:10.251 18. 15 GIANNOS CHRISTOFI 1:10.580 19. 10 GFI SOFTWARE 1:10.685 20. 12 DINO WOW 1:10.943 21. 18 CHRISTOS POLYKARPOU 1:10.981 22. 17 FEDERICO SCERIFFO 1:11.163 23. 13 MARIOS CHRISTOU 1:11.817 24. 14 ALEXANDROS PROXENOU 1:15.126 25. 16 DOGA KOYONCU 1:15.685 26. 19 AHMET OKSUZOGLULAR 1:26.451 PRO 4WD: 1. CONCORDE RACING - NICKY XERXEN - MALTA 1:04.449 - Mitsubishi Evolution VII 2. CON-RACEWORX - ANDY PAPAGEORGIOU - CYPRUS 1:04.950 - Mitsubishi Evolution VI 3. JMC POWER AUTOMOTIVE - MICHAEL SOFOKLEOUS - CYPRUS 1:05.516 - Mitsubishi Evolution III 4. KYOKUDO RACING -- DANIEL J. VELLA - MALTA 1:05.739 - Subaru Impreza GDB-F 5. CON RACEWORX - DENIZ ALI - UK 1:05.980 - Mitsubishi Evolution VI 6. LCE-REDLINE OILS - YIANNIS KAPETANIOS - CYPRUS 1:06.818 - Mitsubishi Evolution VII PRO 2WD: 1. CON RACEWORX - CHRIS PAPAGEORGIOU - CYPRUS 1:09.582 - Nissan Sylvia S14 2. MOTUL FERODO TEAM - CHRISTOS POLYKARPOU - CYPRUS 1:10.981 - BMW E36 M3 3. FEDERICO SCERIFFO - ITALY 1:11.163 - Nissan Sylvia S15 OPEN CLASS: 1. SCUDERIA VITTORIA - PIERS MASERATI - UK 1:08.078 - Porsche 964 LS3 Engine 2. L.D. CAR CONVERSIONS - DIMITRIS LAMBROU - CYPRUS 1:08.138 - Mitsubishi Evolution III 3. ANCH CAR REPAIRS - ANDREAS CHARALAMBOUS - CYPRUS 1:09.641 - BMW E30 M3 turbo

Deltävling 1 i Svenska Timeattack-serien.

Time Attack Croft - 11th May 2013
Action from the Time Attack series first vist to Croft Circuit, 11th May 2013

[Time Attack] - Togethia - Round 4/5 Anglesey 2012
Togethia -- Time Attack Round 4/5 Anglesey 2012 Togethia Media Services - http://facebook.togethia.tv - Time Attack - http://timeattack.co.uk/ Follow them on Facebook - http://facebook.com/UKTimeAttack -- Set on the west coast of Anglesey, overlooking the Irish Sea and the Snowdonia mountain range beyond, Anglesey Circuit provides visitors with a challenging and exciting circuit in a breathtaking location. It is one of the few circuits to be designed and constructed with an entirely new concept. We have taken full advantage of the undulating landscape and created a circuit with imaginative cambers, a blend of fast sections, technically challenging mid range corners complimented with two hairpin bends and a 10 degree banked corner. The alternative circuit configurations enable Anglesey Circuit to offer the ideal facility for a wide variety of events. -- With just a few hours rest the UK Time Attack Championship is back at Anglesey for Round 5 -- same venue, same competitors and everything still to play for. Saturday took everyone by surprise with scorching sunshine for the first time this year, but it's a very different outlook for Sunday morning. There's no rain (touch wood) but the track's been left slightly damp and greasy, not to mention a much cooler temperature making it that bit more difficult to get the tyres switched on. Although the same venue, Round 5 has switched to the Anglesey 'Coastal' track, a shorter 1.5-mile layout which is even faster than the 'International' setup yesterday. In 2011 Paul Doyle set the fastest time overall with a 1:14.873 on Pirelli P-Zero road tyres; we're expecting that record to be broken thanks to the new tyre rules, but just by how much is anyone's guess. Find out more information by visiting http://timeattack.co.uk --- Audio -- Neutralize ft. Veela - Crayen V8 http://www.youtube.com//veelabeats & Indivison & Livewire (ft. Tasha Baxter) - Won't You Stay (Mistabishi remix) http://www.youtube.com/dnbINDIVISIONdnb -- Filmed - Tim F.Matthews, James Young Edited - Tim F.Matthews Producers - Pete Farrow Follow/Subscribe to us on Facebook: http://facebook.togethia.tv Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.togethia.tv and on Youtube: http://youtube.togethia.tv and finally check out our blog! -- http://blog.togethia.tv/ Anglesey Circuit http://goo.gl/maps/50e1M

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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