How To Unlock A Car Door With A Potato

How to unlock a car door with a potato. how to make slime you can eat TO MAKE FIRE USING ONLY A ORANGE how to make plasma using only a grape how to cut a bottle using only a butter knife how to make a bouncy egg how to make Monster Energy pancakes and Rockstar syrup

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10 Amazing Science Experiments you can do with Eggs
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How to copy any key at home in under 10 minutes.
YOU CAN BUY THE KIT HERE: This video is about the High tech key duplicating system. Google it if you want to buy the set! Video lights are a bit on the harsh side in this video , soorryy!! It did take two tries with the casting, first one crapped out because i didn't remember to tap the container = air was left in the metal. I haven't used this kit in a long time, thats's why it takes so long :)

How to get a free drink!!!
I made a quick video on how to get buy one get one free soda in these soda machines!

500 LED Extreme flashlight
Homemade 500 LED extreme flashlight. Check for more info