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58th Macau Grand Prix 第五十八屆澳門格蘭披治大賽車

58th Macau GT Cup Highlight 澳門格蘭披治GT杯精華
For more feature: 58th Macau GT Cup Highlight 第58屆澳門格蘭披治GT杯精華 Mortara Victorious in Macau Again Edoardo Mortara proved as masterful in a GT as he was in a Formula 3 car around Macau's Guia Circuit by taking victory in today's Star River • Windsor Arch Macau GT Cup. The Italian crossed the line in his Audi R8 LMS in the shortened 10-lap race almost six and a half seconds ahead of closest challenger and two-time race winner Keita Sawa of Japan. Third across the line was Danny Watts in the McLaren MP4. Watts had tried to challenge for second, but Sawa held firm in the Lamborghini LP-560. Macau driver Rodolfo Avila finished fourth in the Team Jebsen Porsche 911 GT3 R ahead of Japan's Tomonobu Fuji in an Aston Martin DBRS9. Mortara, who set the fastest lap for good measure, was thrilled to have added to GT victory to his tally of two Formula 3 Macau Grand Prix wins. "I had a good feeling with the car since the beginning of this race weekend. For racing drivers it's all about confidence with the car, and when you have the right confidence, you can push." Sawa was disappointed not to have added a third Macau victory, saying: "After I finished practice I felt that this year is too difficult to get P1. This is the sixth year at Macau for me, and each year I have been on the podium. For next year, I will come and try again for a victory." Watts, meanwhile, "I have enjoyed the weekend from the word 'go'. I think we have learned a lot. It (the new McLaren) is a very new programme, only eight months, and of course you need a very different set up in Macau. I have to say, Edoardo has been pure class all weekend, and has raised the GT Cup to a new level because every year I've been here, the level gets better and better." Mortara got away well off the start, with Sawa and Watts battling it out on the run to Lisboa, the Japanese ace closing the door on the Briton. Lap three saw Frank Yu run wide at Mandarin on a slippery track, hitting the barrier hard on the outside. Behind him Eddie Yau hit the Armco coming in to the same turn, bouncing across the track and into the barrier opposite before coming to a stop in the middle of the track. The next few cars managed to get through without contact, but John Shen came into the turn too fast hitting the outside barrier and bouncing into the stationery Yu. Siu Yuk Lung was also involved in the incident which brought out the red flag. The race was re-started under the Safety Car for seven laps, with oil flags out at Mandarin after the earlier incident. 莫他拿再次稱霸澳門 兩屆澳門格蘭披治三級方程式大賽冠軍莫他拿(Edoardo Mortara)再次在澳門證明實力,駕駛GT賽車和駕駛三級方程 戰車同樣出色。他今日在星河灣‧名門世家澳門GT盃稱王 ,領航奧迪R8 LMS在縮短了的十圈賽事遙遙領先,以約6.5秒的壓倒性優勢 ,擊敗兩屆GT盃冠軍、日本車手澤圭太。 屈斯(Danny Watts)駕駛麥拿倫MP4得季軍,他多次嘗試超越澤圭太。可惜 澤圭太駕駛林寶堅尼LP-560防禦出色,屈斯無功而還。 澳門車手艾明達(Rodolfo Avila)駕駛捷成車隊的保時捷911 GT3 R排第四名,日本車手藤井誠暢則駕駛阿士頓馬田DBRS9得第 五。 莫他拿造出的最快圈速大幅拋離對手,在澳門增添GT冠軍 他深感興奮。他說:「在比賽周末開始時我已覺得戰車 力勝出。車手對戰車有信心十分重要,只要車手對戰車 心十足,便可以在賽事中盡力提升速度。」 澤圭太對未能第三次取得錦標感到失望,他說:「我在練 習後已覺得要登上領獎台第一位十分有難度。今年是我第 六年到澳門比賽,下年我會捲土重來,挑戰錦標。」 屈斯說:「我由一開始已十分享受今次比賽,我們從中獲 益良多。麥拿倫是一台新研發的戰車,只出戰了八個月, 加上在澳門需要十分特別的設定。不過,莫他拿在整個周 末表現超卓,將GT盃提升至更高層次。每年我到這裏比賽 賽事質素不斷提升。」 莫他拿起步迅速,澤圭太則和屈斯在葡京彎展開大戰,澤 圭太成功守住路線,保持位置。 光滑的文華東方彎路面令余嘯峰偏離路線,撞上圍欄。後 面的游紹賢在入彎時衝向圍欄,再反彈撞向另一邊圍欄, 停在賽道中。後面數位車手都成功閃避,但申莊入彎速度 太快,撞向圍欄後再撞向停在賽道上的游紹賢。後面的邵 玉龍同樣捲入事故,賽會出示紅旗暫停賽事。 賽事在安全車帶領下重開,剩餘圈數減至七圈,文華車方 彎一直出示油旗。

MadCow in The 58th Macau Grandprix : Qualify & Race

2011 58th Macau Grand Prix Race Hotel Fortuna MAC / HKG Interport Race
2011 第五十八屆澳門格蘭披治大賽車 2011 58th Macau Grand Prix Race Hotel Fortuna MAC / HKG Interport Race, Alvaro Mourato done a wonderful performance!