58Th Macau Grand Prix 2011 Thursday Crashs

Touts les accidents des séances d'essais ou des qualifications du Jeudi du GP de Macao 2011. Crash during the practice or the qualifying on Friday in the 58Th Macau GP 2011. Pas de son / No sound.

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2010 57th Macau Crash
Hotel Fortuna MAC/HKG Interport Race Starting the race from P7, it was all luck to run up to P4 before the nasty crash, feel sorry for the car I struck. The workers did a great job of cleaning up my mess to keep the race *rolling*.

2011 Macau Grand Prix - CTM Cup 電訊盃 Part 2

2011 Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix
The 2011 Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix with English commentary by Chris Kinley

Huge Nissan GTR crash at Macau 2010
Stuart Jianzhong crashed his Nissan GTR big time this morning during the practice of the Macau Road Sport Challenge. 2 marshalls were hit but they were released from the hospital a couple of hours later.