touge race car Acceleration drag racing | vtec d16 honda del sol vs stock mazda mx5 miata to 200

Full bolt on cam gears stage 1 clutch vtec d16 sol vs stock 1.6 miata mx5 to 200 Done on private farm back roads. right side 1.8 mazda miata mx5 n/a left side 1.6 honda sol n/a blue hid These 2 are both Touge machines, they were built for the mountain and the corner, power are NOT priorities for these 2 drivers, however having some fun doesnt hurt :) dont hate, not my car.

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11sec Turbo Del Sol vs 10sec Chevy Nova
CSCS Drag Racing Event Sept 25th 2011 Toronto Motorsports Park Cayuga Ontario

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Integra Honda Acura Type R Launch Quick Shift Touge Machine
Been getting too many stupid comments regarding this vid not being Type R. For those who think this ain't a type R here's are the pics. 0714_601230713_17135925_8003881_n.jpg 0714_601230713_17135908_1394471_n.jpg 5714_601230713_17135928_7000417_n.jpg 0714_601230713_17135941_7276769_n.jpg 5714_601230713_17135929_517548_n.jpg Cruising in a private farm field on a private road. Video demonstrates clutch drop launch in a front wheel drive vehicle. Taken with D900 SGH Fone.

Whale Penis Intake Touge Del Sol Honda Mugen
This is a Touge Downhill Machine local to the Rockies in North America, built for cornering and maximum response: n/a Del Sol Gently Revs its brand new cam/cam gears. I'll list power mods only. power mods: Race SRI Race IM Race EM turbo Single Hi lift Vtec Cam & Gear Spoon Spec. un-resonated cat-back Exhaust. Hi Temp Race Plugs + Wires Stage 1 Hi Pressure plate + Clutch Timing advance + premium gas. dont hate, not my car.