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supermoto modifying sifneos TAKEGAWA GREECE

www.supermoto-s.gr SIFNEOS MODIFYING GARAGE TAKEGAWA GREECE workshop & sales JAPANESE TUNING PARTS SPECIALIST Η εταιρία μας είναι ο επίσημος διανομέας των προιόντων "SPECIAL PARTS TAKEGAWA" για την Ελλάδα !


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コンロッドベアリング破損により休眠中だった106エンジ ン。 コンロッド交換後小変更 変更点 ヘッド 旧武川レギュラーヘッド Bカム ミッション 6V+12V(トップのみモンキーR) キャブ VM26 今年はオイルクーラーを導入

takegawa bore&stroke 57mm, 57mm

wave with takegawa hyper camshaft
takegawa 52mm piston kit with hyper camshaft

Crypton X 135 - 180cc
13.6 sta 400m @http://www.facebook.com/Stavrosqq2 @http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dragsterpapies-ZET-Z50/153277888130784

Takegawa 148 ccm Engine

หัวมีโอ ช่างเอ็ม2
ชมรมรถโบราณซับน้อยเหนือคล าสสิกสระบุรี

Takegawa Honda C70 Passport Update
Roller is for sale. Want anything on this bike? Send me a message!!! Honda C70 Passport with Takegawa 5 disk manual super clutch, Kitaco 124SE, OEM Honda 4-speed, Keihin PWK28 carburetor, WirusWin Exhaust (punched out). This project is finished. No more upgrades intended, save for the occasional dress up part. Top speed is around 70-75mph depending on wind direction. Leaks no oil and runs very crisp. Only problem I've noticed is that the inner clutch cable has a tendency to fray after about 6-8 months of heavy usage. Easy replacement. For sale???

Honda glx 0-115km/h
Loipon gia na min arxisete na lete ti xrepi eine auto, to papi den to skaw aplos to anoigw kai den to paw terma, eine 57mm me cdi kefali...DEITE PWS FTIAXTIKE EDW-----http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUnkhBtr1w0

Honda Legenda Teguh TOMS & Megelli MotoRi at Sentul
Persiapan Sentul dan Drag Sentul

SHiRTLESS drag racer with AWESOME SKILLS and powerful SCOOTER !
A 180cc scooter with tremendous power modified for drag racing by a team from Penaranda, Nueva Ecija. video courtesy of Jeff-Jeff T Tentia

Honda Glx Karditsa

110cc pit bike engine teardown & rebuild pt3

Honda Bulat Enjin Ex5 # Head Block W125 [Sound]
Honda Bulat Enjin Ex5 Hed//Block W125 [Sound]

Mencoba membuat Streetcub dari Honda Supercup 800 tahun 1982, maaf bila banyak nya ketidaksempurnaan dimata builder sekalian.. Thanks for watching.. ; )

Drag Race Honda CBR 150 vs Suzuki RAIDER Belang SATRIA FU 150
Battle of the 150cc bikes Friendly Gauge -Honda CBR 150 of Joel Pallar -blue Suzuki Raider 150 of ??? -white Suzuki Raider 150 of Dave

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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