350Z Twin Turbo pull 4

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Twin Turbo 350z vs EVO
Twin turbo 350z vs EVO

350z Twin Turbo Big Boost Run 0-171MPH.
350z twin turbo @ 10-11psi. Run in the turbo 350z from TOTB. 1st-2nd gearbox crunched :( Still managed a 171mph run though :) Nissan GTR TC MEDIA DJTIMODJ turbo Boost SUPRA DRAG

Twin Turbo Supra & 350Z GoPro
Twin turbo Supra & 350Z GoPro headed to Cars and Coffee. Filmed with GoPro 960.

350Z Twin Turbo - Forged Z - 525 WHP @ 14 PSI
NOTICE: Check the most recent videos. *This video was made when the transmission was going out. It was supposed to be a built tranny, but the company in Houston screwed me. It blew up on 1/4/2009 on the way to Las Vegas. It is now rebuilt and running strong.