300km Historic Vallelunga

300km Historic Vallelunga 22 October 2006 Peroni Promotion Incentive De Tomaso Pantera GTS Porsche 3.0 Carrera

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The Vallelunga in the barn -- De Tomaso Vallelunga DT 0148
Startup of one of the very last De Tomaso Vallelungas ever made. The original engine is on a stand; this car is powered by a Lotus Twin Cam. This car is hidden in a barn in a small village between Milan and Modena, Italy.

1965 De Tomaso Vallelunga by Vasileios Papaidis
http://www.historicautopro.com/ The Vallelunga was based on a roadster designed by Carozzeria Fissore and named after the Autodromo di Vallelunga first shown as a concept car at the Turin Motor Show in 1964. De Tomaso had hoped to sell the design of the concept to another company, perhaps Ford, but when there were no takers had the car produced by Ghia. Unfortunately the chassis wasn't torsionally sound for engines with higher torque, a problem made worse since some welding in the backbone, fabricated in Italy, was faulty, and drive train vibrations were a constant problem for those cars. Only 53 production cars were built (58 including aluminum body prototypes and race cars) before it was replaced by the De Tomaso Mangusta. The Mangusta used the concept of the Vallelunga chassis, significantly re-engineered to take a Ford 302 engine , all packaged with a body by Giorgetto Giugiaro.  Production 1964--1968 ​ Assembly Ghia Successor De Tomaso Mangusta Class Sports car Body style Coupe (53 produced) Spider (one-off) Layout RMR layout Engine Ford 1592 cc straight-4 Transmission 4/5-speed manual Wheelbase 2,310 mm Curb weight 726 kg

TDU - De Tomaso Vallelunga "Competizione"
De Tomaso Vallelunga for Test Drive unlimited. Model 3D created from scratch by 2CV SUPER GT 280 000 polys (triangle) Real car : http://www.fantasyjunction.com/cars/96-De%20Tomaso-Vallelunga-Ford%204-Cyl Donwload Website : http://tdumodshop.forumactif.net/forum.htm

DeTomaso Pantera Circuit No6
DeTomaso Pantera Circuit