Watch: Iranian fighter jet crashes into the ground

In 2009 an Iranian fighter plane crashed while taking part in a military flyover. Although Tehran attempts to hide the event, a rare documentation of the Internet rose Aircraft accident

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F15 goes inverted after refueling
i disconnect, he waves, and off he goes... side note...look i understand in the frame he doesn't roll a full 180 degrees over he begins the roll, doesn't finish it until he is completely clear of the tanker considering his proximity...but trust me in the end he went completely over...i also have videos of 16's in the frame fully inverted...just enjoy the video for what it is

C130 Hercules Tragedy.
July 1, 1987 : A USAF C-130E, 68-10945, c/n 4325, crashed during an open house at Fort Bragg, during a display of the low level airdrop technique known as LAPES, (Low Altitude Parachute Extraction System), in which a parachute is used to pull the cargo out the rear door while the plane makes a touch-and-go. Pilot failed to pull-up after deploying M551 Sheridan tank, hit treeline, burned, killing three on board, one soldier on the ground, and injuring two crew.

Most Shocking Fighter Jets Crashes Caught On Tape

Mirage 2000 Crash
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