Ford Capri MkIII 302 V8

Ford Capri 5000cm3 V8 302 cui

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Ford Capri first start V8 302
Ford capri first start

How I put a Ford 302 5ltr (Mustang) engine with T5 G/Box into a Mk1 Capri.
This is a quick overview on how and what you need when fitting a 5ltr Mustang engine into a Mk1 Capri. I will be doing a better one later but you need to let me know what you want me to cover if I have missed something that you want info on.

new fuel pumps test on my v8 capri - more nitrous!
capri v8, new fuel pumps and Gratuitous engine revving! enough capacity now for 800bhp, so should easily cope with the Nitrous assisted 600bhp im going to be running!!

Ford Capri MK3 Rover V8 3.5L Eaton M62 supercharger. Drift, burnout
Ford Capri MK3 Rover V8 3.5L Eaton M62 Supercharger. Drift, burnout