Chi Town Hustler & Stardust Nostalgia Funny Cars

2007 Norwalk Night Under Fire. Video by John Schaser Copyright 2008

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Chi-Town Hustler vs Screamin Eagle Geezers
Maple Grove Geezers Reunion with Rocky Pirrone blown alky funny car going up agains Troy Martins CHi-Town Huster Nitro funny car. Great Run

Funny Car Dry Hops
The Cannonball and the Draper Bros in side by side burnout's and lots of blips to stage. Draper gets out of shape and gets back on it!

Chi-Town Hustler Nostalgia Funny Car June 15 2013
This awesome beast of a machine tore up the dragstrip in Cayuga, Ontario Canada at Toronto Motorsports Park.

Chi-Town Hustler Launching at Nitroblast!!! 6-11-2011
Here is the 72 Charger Revell Chi-Town Hustler launching during qualifying. This car was originally driven by Ron Colson in this trim.