Barn Find In the Weeds Edition 53 Buick

Another Barn find without the barn! This Video contains My Theme music which I own all rights to. It was written and performed by Warren Hartz. His Youtube Channel is: His web page is:

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Farmer Discovers 4 Kittens In Barn But When They Grow He Realizes They're Not House Cats
Farmer Discovers 4 Kittens In Barn But When They Grow He Realizes They're Not House Cats He Thought He Adopted Kittens, But When They Grew Up He Realized They Weren't Normal Cats. Kittens are just too soft and small not to love. If you’re a full-blown cat lover, then you probably have a bit of a kitten obsession. I often try to adopt a kitten every other month, only to have my family tell me that is too many! source : Daursky Nature Reserve they Drained This Canal For The First Time In Decades, And What They Discovered Is Truly Bizarre Farmers Are Making These Giant Holes in Their Cows. The Reason? Weird Yet Helpful He Found A Baby Bizarre Creature Dying In The Sun. What He Did Next Defied All Odds! Archaeologists Unearth A Decades-Old Lock Box With Some Truly Disturbing Contents Is Child mummy Rosalia Lombardo Opening Her Eyes?t Beautiful Mummy Rosalia Lombardo

1966 Buick Convertible Barn Find Rescue, Part 1
This is the story of a '66 Buick Special convertible that had been abandoned in Arizona in 1978 by the family of Rick Pewe, editor of 4-Wheel & Off-Road magazine. In 2011, the guys from HOT ROD Magazine, in conjunction with Rick, spent four days bringing the car back from the dead with plans to drive it home from Phoenix to Los Angeles. This is part 1, with the hacking fun the guys had rescuing the car. Look for part two, loaded with road-trip hilarity. The story is printed in the September 2011 issue of HOT ROD Magazine.

10 LUCKIEST Storage Unit Finds
The concept of a storage auction is quite simple: if you don’t pay the rent on your storage unit, everything inside becomes the property of the highest bidder. These ten finds were sheer luck, showing that sometimes there can be something to be had among other people’s trash. Subscribe for more! ► ◄ Stay updated ►◄ Get in touch or join the team: Intro Credit: SPOILER ALERT!!! A condensed list is below: ➢10. Michael Jordan’s Past Thanks in part to his theatrical role in Warner Bros. Space Jam, Michael Jordan became a money-earning household nameJordan’s career also helped to make quite a bit of money after the storage unit housing the Jordan memorabilia defaulted . Jordans recruitment letter from head coach Dean Smith and Jordan’s diploma from University of North Carolina was contained within the unit. Credit: ➢9. 1966 Shelby Mustang In April of 2011, a 1966 Shelby Mustang was uncovered when the owner of a storage unit failed to keep up on rent payments. Sold at Bonhams auction in Connecticut, the Shelby was purchased for a whopping $159,500. Credit: ➢8. Pirate Treasure There are few things more unexpected to dig up in a storage unit than authentic pirate treasure valued at $500,000. To obtain this rare find, the purchaser spent only $1,000, giving them a return of $499,000. The deal went down between an anonymous buyer and Dan and Laura Dotson of the reality television show, “Storage Wars.”. Credit: ➢7. James Bond Lotus Submarine Car Featured in The Spy Who Loved Me, the Lotus Esprit Submarine was one of Bond’s most unique vehicles, and in 1989, it was found in a storage unit in Long Island, NY. When the vehicle made its way to auction in 2013, it sold for $967,120, a bit below the expected $1.45 million. Credit: ➢6. Nicolas Cage's copy of Action Comics #1 Nicolas Cage's stolen “Action Comics No. 1,” comic book had been missing for 11 years before it turned up in a San Fernando Valley storage unit that was sold off through a Southern California auctioneer. Credit: ➢5. The Hollywood Collection Previously owned by executives in Hollywood, the mammoth collection, which features original animation art, TV memorabilia, publicity photos, autographed posters, concept art, scripts, props, and costumes, was split up into 400 group lots. Altogether, the 40,000 piece assortment was estimated to be worth over $1 million. Credit: ➢4. Treasures of Madonna The storage unit of a former employee of Madonna, Melissa Crow, went up for auction and was sold for $150. It contained many items from the famous star. The items, which included 17 journals and rare photos of the celebrity, were valued at $2.5 million. Credit: ➢3. 1937 Bugatti 57S The Bugatti 57S is as classic a vehicle as you can get and deserves a far better existence than to be cooped up in a storage unit for years. In February of 2009, a 1937 Bugatti Type 57S Atalante Coupe was uncovered after the death of its owner and was sold at a Paris auction for a beautiful sum of money. Credit: ➢2. Paris Hilton’s Belongings Despite having much of her private life exposed in a rather revealing video, socialite Paris Hilton again took the limelight when a storage unit filled with her own memorabilia was unearthed and sold for money she wouldn’t get. Credit: ➢1. Beach Boys Collection When the collection was uncovered after the storage unit they resided in was defaulted on, the band failed to reclaim items like the band’s first royalty check, a score of handwritten songs, and personal letters . At auction, the valuable collection was appraised at upwards of $8 million. Credit: Music credit: "Vicious" Kevin MacLeod (, Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License,

Barn Find Hunter | Turner's Auto Wrecking - Ep. 3
In the latest episode of our “Barn Find Hunter” series, Tom spends the day at Turner’s Auto Wrecking in Fresno, Calif., where he’s given free rein to explore the 70-acre property’s barns, sheds and hangars and discovers classic ‘60s muscle sedans and wagons, a perfect ’34 Ford, California ’57 Chevy and a 1910 Flanders. Subscribe! | LIKE us on FACEBOOK | FOLLOW us on TWITTER | JOIN our circle on GOOGLE PLUS | FOLLOW us on INSTAGRAM | Find out more about Hagerty | HAGERTY VALUATION TOOLS | FEATURED VIDEOS | RIDE ALONGS | Hagerty is your definitive source for all things classic: compelling stories about cool cars and the people who love them; the latest on collector car values and market trends; and all the eye candy, roaring engines and nostalgia you can handle. So strap down, settle in and cruise with us a while. We’re glad you’re here. Contact us. Phone: 877-922-9701 Fax: 231-941-8227 Suggestions and/or Complaints: Marketing & Event Inquiries: Media Inquiries: