Ford xr6 turbo ute phase 2 kit

Just picked up my ute from autotech engineering with phase 2 kit finally installed. Massive difference from ute being standard. Struggled with traction in 1st. Changing gears is all over the place as i didnt know what to expect from the massive power increase. Sorry bout the quality of the vid and the swearing.

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Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo ute 0-180 stock vs mods
Just a quick vid of stock manual shift vs Performance mode auto + traction control on (fail). 12.6 @ 113mph in daily driven form; hardlid (50kgs), tools, material, spare ect ect 310rwkW Xcal3 Plazaman under battery intake HDI Intercooler kit 60lb injectors Outlaw 5" cat Stock Exhaust minus no middle muffler Stock fuel pump Stock box/diff + hardlid + tools In performance mode (auto shift) + traction control on Next time out there she will be stripped, slicks + xforce turbo back and fuel pump!

APS Phase III for XR6 Turbo, F6 and Typhoon
This is the installation video for the APS Phase III for XR6 turbo and F6 Typhoon

Feature: Ford XR8 ute - POKEY

FPV F6 Ute with BTA Stage 1 upgrade: 301kW at the wheels
This FPV F6 ute came to us with 249kW at the rears. With just a simple Stage 1 Upgrade consisting of a BTA Custom Dyno Tune the power output climbed to 301.2kW at the wheels - an increase of 52kW! Want your Ford to go faster and perform better? Call us on 02 9789 6075 or email Music: Patrick Lee - Quittin Time