1993 Toyota Camry 2.2 5SFE Timing Belt and Oil Pump Seal Replacement

Video tutitorial showing replacement of the timing belt and oil pump seal. This repair applies to all Toyota 2.2 5SFE engines from 1992-2001 found in various different Toyota vehicles.

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Toyota Camry 5sfe Timing Belt & OIL PUMP replacement
Toyota Camry 5sfe Timing Belt & OIL PUMP replacement

Toyota 2.2 5SFE timing belt set up
hello! made this video hoping to helpsome on setting the timing belt on a 00 toyota camry and also for solara this is a job that with a skill of B you can do it easy steps to follow to get it done this engine i rebuilded with a reconditioned head new rings rod and main bearing crankshaft was redone and oversized due to kcnock on engine! please comment if you like the video and dont forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you need this instructions in spanish please let me know bellow! as always thank you for watching and have a BLESSED DAY!!!

Toyota camry oil leak from pump seal.
Shows it pulled apart with trouble shooting tips

Toyota Camry Large Oil Leak
Watch a video of the repair here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZTqD3b-HnI Another Camry with a bad oil pump drive seal, you can see just how bad the leak is!