Fountain ave Drag Racing 001.avi

Just some old school street drag racing from years ago id say between 97-1998. The street behind Fountain ave. Its all torn up now but years ago it was a good time

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Golden Era NYC Street Racing Footage Part One
Here are some images of what is my opinion of the best era of street racing that ever was! and I'm sure many will attest to this. Car were way slower then todays standards but if we didn't have guys doing stuff like this we would've never been able to have the technology that we do and I'd also like to add that they were awhole lot of fun to run. This was a time also before the era of internet race forums, keyboard racers, Forum celebrities, Money runs, and all that other forum favoritism BS, it was either you lined it up or you just stayed shut. This video contains many who are either deceased, imprisoned, M.I.A., or have just changed for the better. In this video: NYCE Performance now known as, Booga Bits Racing, Mike DFI, Punjabi BYT, Intake Auto, Skunk2 Carlos, Trik Performance, Platano Racing, Fuego 9.5, High Rev Performance, Los Barberos de Corona, John Force, Kareem Dynamic, R Club, Bubba Sparks with the primed FC rx7, and many others. ***Don't not try this on your own Street Racing is Illegal***


Class project on street racing in Long island Sunrise Hwy

Good O'L Fashion Long Island Street Drag Racing