Fountain ave Drag Racing 001.avi

Just some old school street drag racing from years ago id say between 97-1998. The street behind Fountain ave. Its all torn up now but years ago it was a good time

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Fountain Ave 1991

Fountain Ave 1990

Street racing in 1979, Dieters 1970 Cougar
Dieter's 1970 Cougar Eliminator (former NHRA Super Stock car) with a modified Boss 351C motor, (very rare), street racing an all out 1969 Camaro drag car in 1979. Old school street racing where it all began and the way it was back then. NO juice in those days, and healthy small blocks were making about 425 HP. Just so the viewers of this video are properly informed, this race took place in Mississauga/Ont. on Matheson blvd.

NY street racing
NY street racing