Ford SYNC®: Common Problems, Easy Solutions

Having trouble using Ford SYNC®? This video outlines the most common problems owners face when using their phone or media player with SYNC. Learn how to store your contacts and select a song manually. Go to for free MP3 downloads from the artists featured in the video.

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Ford SYNC®: Clean Pairing
If you're having trouble with Ford SYNC®, a Clean Pairing can help get things running smoothly again. This video will show you how to do a Clean Pairing between SYNC and your phone to reset their connection and start fresh. Go to for free MP3 downloads from the artists featured in the video.

Ford Sync problems
I brought my 2011 Ford F150 into the dealer 4 times for the sync system not working. The last time I brought it in the tech said that it works fine. My video that I took this morning clearly shows that it does not work correctly.

Ford SYNC®: Updates and Enhancements
Want to get more out of Ford SYNC®? Downloadable updates are available on the SYNC support website. Watch this video to learn how to download SYNC updates to your vehicle and get the best SYNC experience possible.

2017 Ford SYNC 3 In Depth Hands On Tutorial Walk Through
Replacing the Ford Mytouch this is the Ford SYNC 3 touch screen infotainment system! Going over the bluetooth hands free, AppLink, FordPass, Sirius and radio Controls, Navigation GPS, with a detailed tutorial and review by Christopher Van Wiechen! SUBSCRIBE TO CARS UNLOCKED FOR MORE HOW TO VIDEOS Setup your Android Auto: