DIY: Vehicle Badging Removal/Replacement

Video tutorial on how to remove/shave your vehicles emblems/badges. This tutorial also includes how to install a new or replacement badge on your vehicle. Not all vehicles have smooth glue on emblems, some types have alignment holes in the backside which would need to be filled afterwards. Therefore it won’t be a clean removal process. Depending on how old your vehicle is, there maybe an outline or ghosting of the emblem, therefore the paint will need to be polished to remove this effect. This particular tutorial was done on a 2004 Volkswagen Golf TDI. Website: Facebook: Google Plus: Twitter: Instagram: Tumblr: Pintrest: Paint Polishing Tutorial: Tools/Supplies Needed: -heat gun or hair dryer -dental floss or fishing line -machine polisher (not necessary) -polishing compound -wax -3 lint free clothes -microfiber cloth -wax applicator pad -brake cleaner or rubbing alcohol -ruler or string or tape -fine tip marker which will not damage the paint Procedure: -first wash the vehicle to remove any debris or dirt which can contaminate the removal process -if you are installing a new emblem, mark the area using a ruler, string or tape and a marker which won’t stain or damage the paint -next using a heat gun or hair dryer, warm the area so the glue from the emblem will soften up -if you do not have access to a heat gun or hair dryer, allowing you vehicle to sit in the sun on a hot day will also have a similar effect -ensure the area doesn’t get too hot which can result in damaging the paint -using fishing line or dental floss, insert it behind the emblem, slowly cutting away the glue -once a sufficient amount of glue has been cut away, you maybe able to use your hands to remove the rest of the emblem -warming the area up again with a heat gun or hair dryer maybe required mid way through cutting the glue or pealing the emblem off the panel -once removed, warm the area again to soften up any remaining glue which can be rolled off the panel using your finger -apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol or brake cleaner to a clean lint free cloth and wipe any glue residue away on the panel -depending on how long the emblem was on the vehicle, polishing the surface will be required to removing any ghosting or the outline of fading paint -please refer to the link above for that tutorial -if you area installing a new emblem, wipe the area down with rubbing alcohol and a clean lint free cloth to remove any wax on the surface which can cause adhesion problems -remove the backing tape on the new emblem -carefully align the emblem, then firmly press it into place -remove any alignment markings or tape -wax the area again to ensure any bare paint is protected Thank you to all those who watch my videos and support my content. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel for future tutorial videos and like my video if you found it helpful. New videos are always being uploaded every week! © 4DIYers 2013 All Rights Reserved No part of this video or any of its contents may be reproduced, copied, modified or adapted, without the prior written consent of the author.

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