1984 Ford F150 Burnout! 460/ 7.5L V8

1984 Ford F150 Burnout! 460/ 7.5L V8

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Finishin the school year right! 5.0 f150 burnout!
Devin finishing off the school year (and his tires!) the right way! Epic burnout in the ol' 89 5.0 F150! Did i mention there's a straight six boat motor in the back? haha

Video I found of my old truck
Found this video on my computer. Didnt know I had it. God I miss it soo much! :( Really dirty in video but oh well. DJM 3/5 drop

Ford diesel(7.3) vs ford(460)
My dad and my brother doing a little short chaining

84 chevy vs 67 Ford
Buddy just got car and wanted to beat up on my pickup.