Z06 vs delta Srt-4

My Z06 vs a friends meth,delta Srt-4 60 roll me in 3rd gear... I let off due to my intake coming off.. Rematch soon

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Ebay Exhaust review on a Srt-4


SRT-4 vs C6 Z06
Srt-4 goes up against a C6 Z06 on the streets of Mexico! First race a Kenne bell Supercharged Cobra joins them. Make sure to SUBSCRIBE & SHARE! Like our page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/SD-Street-Scene/720906454636678 Follow us on Instagram : sdstreetscene Music Credit: Ross Bugden - Unstoppable

SRT-4 vs C6 Corvette vs 3 Mustangs
04 SRT-4 50 trim, vs 06 Corvette c6, vs 06 GT, vs 03 GT, vs 5.0 Foxbody, vs Cummins Diesel