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Painting the Chevy Nova

Throwing that Cherry Red and Gold Pearl at the 74!! My man Brian did the color and the clear for me. All home grown, home built as you can tell!! WATCH AND RATE OUR OTHER VIDS!!!


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Flat Black - DEAD RAT Flat Black Paint from Eastwood
BUY Paint Here: http://www.eastwood.com/eastwoods-dead-rat-flat-black-ssu-kits.html Buy Concours Paint Gun: http://www.eastwood.com/ew-concours-paint-gun-w-1-2-tip.html Eastwood Dead Rat Flat Black Kits Item #51076 ZP Dead Rat Flat Black How low can you go? Eastwood's new "Dead Rat" Flat Black has a NEAR-ZERO gloss level! Maybe you think our Rat Rod Satin Black is too glossy for your rod, so we went to an extreme, creating the only single-stage acrylic urethane paint with a near-zero gloss level. Has the durability and UV resistance you expect from other colors, without the chalking. Exceptional chemical resistance; resists normal scratches, marring Complete, smooth coverage in 2 medium wet coats Includes 3/4-gal. Dead Rat Flat Black, 1-qt. activator Eastwood Concours HVLP Paint Spray Gun w/1.2 Tip Item #51550 Brand: EastwoodConcours HVLP Spray Gun with 1.2mm tip sprays-on a "show-car" finish...yet it's powered by your home compressor with only 4 cfm @ 29 psi! No need to buy an expensive pro paint gun when Eastwood's full-size HVLP Concours Spray Gun has the same impressive features at a fraction of the cost. And your home compressor provides all the air power you'll need (4 cfm @ 29 psi) to work with it. Includes 1 stainless steel needle/nozzle/air cap (1.2mm) Compatible with solvent and waterborne coatings Anodized adjustment knobs and air cap ring Backed by Eastwood's 10-year limited warranty Check out this video where we show you a chopped Impala getting painted with the Eastwood Dead Rat Flat Black Paint.

car painting - part 4.avi
be sure to subscribe I already have a bunch more coming just have to load them!

How to Paint Your Car Yourself - Auto Body Repair (1 of 2)
Like us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pages/RefinishNetwork/130126840847 Refinish Network consists of various professional and enthusiast painters whom work collectively to help eachother out using the websites discussion forum. You will also find various helpful 'how to' articles from painting to body repairs. This illustrates the basic steps on how to paint a car, please check out my other auto body repair video's for more information on how to paint a car yourself, updated video includes the use of aerosol cans! This shows the steps necessary from start to finish of a minor dent repair on the quart panel of a sunfire. It includes filler application, block sanding, priming, sealer, painting & clearcoat application. There is many things to know if your looking to paint your car. Although this was done in a professional spray environment it can be accomplished the same at home but with likely a lot more polishing after. This how to paint a car video assumes a bit of knowledge and if you need some more feel free to visit our website for how to paint articles or look at the other videos on our channel

Refinish Network - Spray Painting the side of a Chrysler Seabring
This is a Chrysler Seabring that our shop replaced the two passenger side doors on. They were used doors with a few minor dents that were repaired. The Car was taped up to apply a sealer to the doors and they remained taped for a coat of base. After the first color application the paper was removed from the fender and quarter which allowed for the color to be blended into the panels for an undetectable match. The clear coat was also blended at the roof as opposed to carrying the clear over and doing the drivers side quarter to. This is not the best way as blending the clear runs the risk of the blended edge becoming visible from UV abuse.

Truck Restoration-Spraying Paint Pt. 2
Using a Mac Tools HVLP spray gun...The paint is a Ford 2K matched Candy Apple Red. Single Stage Acrylic Enamel. I'm the one spraying the truck. No, I don't usually dress like this in public, but remember SAFETY FIRST!! Please comment

How to Paint a Car - Red Buick Side
Check Out the Blog - http://www.refinishnetwork.com/car-painting-how-to Visit http://www.refinishnetwork.com for more videos, repair article, auto body repair courses and auto body repair information. Join other auto body technicians and discuss car painting techniques with auto body professionals and enthusiasts. This is a Red Buick being sprayed and blended down the side of the car.

How to paint your own car, part 3
Watch Lucky lay down the color on the Speed Scene Live Sport Compact project car. Visit Speedsceneracing.com anytime for more fun stuff.

how to paint a 1969 camaro
Hey guys I am showing you how to paint your car, a little bit at a time. We all like classic cars, muscle cars, and that shinny paint job we see at shows. I will show you how to do it at home; and how to do it one fender at a time. Remove the dents, keep the fillar thing as possible. Pull the metal with the proper tools, and show you how to make that bondo stick for a life time. I will post stuff on Camaros, firebirds, chevels, corvets, GTOS, Mustangs, and any classic or mucsle car I will do in the future. There is nothing more exciting then finding an old classic, and a abbdoned bar in the garage, sitting under a rotted tarp. My excitement comes when people say "IS THAT THE SAME CAR YOU TOWED A MONTH AGO?", and they don't recognize it. That si when they say "It is absolutely beautiful!" I want to show you how to do the same. Enjoy and if you like what you see check out my website: http://www.johnhackl.com Camaro SS,SS Camaro,classic cars,1969 SS Camaro, 350 Camaro, Camaro 350, muscle car, http://TrainingAdvantage.magneticsponsoringonline.comhttp://TrainingAdvanta ge.magneticsponsoringonline.com http://TrainingAdvantage.magneticsponsoringonline.com

How to paint a car correctly by Sata

Paul Walkers Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 - GRIP - Folge 235 - RTL2
Det Müller testet den originalen Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 von Paul Walker aus Fast & Furious 4. Dies ist der einzige Rennwagen, der von den ehemaligen acht übrig geblieben ist. Der Besitzer möchte 300.000 Euro für den Boliden haben. Komplette Folgen GRIP bei RTL II NOW: http://rtl2now.rtl2.de/grip-das-motormagazin.php Alle Infos zur Sendung: http://www.rtl2.de/grip GRIP bei Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/grip GRIP bei YouTube abonnieren: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=GRIPRTL2 "GRIP - Das Motormagazin", immer sonntags um 18.00 Uhr im TV bei RTL2.

Paint your car
As an enthusiast I bought a Lexus GS400 that needed body work and painting. I love doing what I do. Cars are my passion. I went to an auto body supply shop to buy primer, paint, sand papers, epoxy, filler, etc. Went to Home Depot and bought an Electric Spray gun for small and delicate jobs and also a rotary sander. I spent 3 days, approx 30 hours prepping. Then painted my car in panels. Washed and quick waxed. The car looks very good. I know there are skeptics who believe a car can only be painted with a HVLP spray gun and a compressor. Well, with my hard work I have proven to myself that a good electric spray gun can do the same job. Remember, prepping, sanding with the right sand papers, using the right mix in the paint gun, good clear coating are some of the major factors to produce a good paint job. If I can do it so can you. Do some research and good luck. BTW, I had to choose music provided by YouTube's selection. BTW. . .The following is an excellent car painting video with details of all paint supplies. . . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXRD7mJ6hDE&feature=related

1974 Chevy Nova hatchback is a Beast!!
This is a 1974 chevy nova with the 350 motor from my other video(check it out). It was home grown in my dads shop in the back yard. Body work, motor, paint, everything you can think of was done in house! Far from Pro's just weekend warriors!!! The motor has holley carb, intake, 270 crane cam, headers, and straight pipes. Car has B&M shifter, and Greg Welds wrapped in Mickey Thompsons, homemade traction bars, homemade, One-Off rear fenders(rubber was slightly wide and didn't want to tub this time), underskirts and bumpers pushed in to look like 73's. The other Nova is my start up project!! Brother is getting down next. Let me know what you think!!!!!! Sorry about the quality, its just a digital cam. More to come.

Concentracion tuning ciudad de Baza 2ª, 2013 -Nissan Skyline HD- Drifting/Trompos
Nissan Skyline Drifting en la concentracion tuning de baza ... A few of us decided to go to a town called Baza near Granada in Spain for a car tuning show, during this I was asked to do a few donuts, it is a tight area so in turn this turned into utter chaos, This was the first time I have ever done anything like this so be warned it is an amateur attempt... Enjoy ! :-)

Custom Car Painting-How To Back Tape Door Jambs
It's Easy. http://www.swrnc.com or 972-420-1293

Our paint booth, Clearcoat on a '67 Firebird
Clear coat application on a '67 Firebird at our muscle car restoration shop

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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KOLBRICK, Engine: 706 cheve,

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Trevor Vickers, Engine: 427, Supercharger: F3R Pro Charger Tires: 15X32X14

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Randy, Engine: BBC, Tires: 33X10.5W

1966 Chevrolet Nova : 8.390 @ 160.000
Tony Reddix, Engine: 428 in sbc, Tires: 275 x 60 M/T Radials

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Peter Kaldy, Engine: BBC 468, Supercharger: - Turbos: - Tires: Hoosier

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Russell Jackson, Engine: short deck 482, Tires: Goodyear 14.5 X 32

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1966 Chevrolet Nova SS: 8.680 @ 156.000
Chris Yates, Engine: 434, Tires: M/T ET Street 13/31

1972 Chevrolet Nova ss: 8.720 @ 155.200
barry ginter, Engine: 377 ci sbc, Supercharger: F-2 procharger Tires: M/T 33-15-15

1971 Chevrolet Nova ss: 8.761 @ 158.280
Pete Llamas, Engine: 565 BBC, Tires: m/t et street

1967 Chevrolet Nova SS: 8.837 @ 150.550
David Kolenda, Engine: 502, Supercharger: B&M420 Tires: 16 x 33 x 15

1969 Chevrolet Nova ss: 8.870 @ 148.180
Burke a. Chaisson, Engine: 540 c.i. bbc,

1972 Chevrolet Nova 588ci: 8.881 @ 153.160
Jeff Mill, Engine: 588ci - N/A BB Chevy, Tires: MT - ET Front Runners & MT 29.5 10.5W Slicks

1965 Chevrolet Nova 2 Dr HT: 8.919 @ 152.677
Greg Means, Engine: 360, Supercharger: Hall Bros 6-71 Tires: 32x14.5 Goodyears

1972 Chevrolet Nova ss: 8.920 @ 152.920
barry, Engine: 377 ci sbc, Supercharger: procharger F-2 Turbos: n\a Tires: m/t 32x14.0-15

1972 Chevrolet Nova 2 dr coupe: 8.960 @ 152.150
gary federico, Engine: 516, Tires: hoosier 14.5x32

1968 Chevrolet Nova SS: 8.975 @ 147.450
Bill Moore, Engine: 588 BBC, Tires: 33x16x151


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