2007 RWD Cobalt

This is the last run for the night from the test & tune before the final race of the season. We were attempting with this video to get the suspension dialed in, and used this setup to win the Big Shootout the next night.

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2007 RWD Cobalt
A 2007 Cobalt that was converted over to a RWD drag car. This video was from the test & tune before the last race of the season. We were dialing in suspension, hence the final angle. I have more videos from that weekend that i will be putting on soon.

Cobalt at Osceola, IN

Chevy Cobalt Drag Car Walkaround
One beautiful car.

Gobalt compilation video
The story of how the Gobalt was built in a compressed video less than 10 minutes in length. Full Story: http://sites.google.com/site/gobaltss Built not bought Sponsors: Ground'd Kustoms, Colour Code Collision Courtland Ontario Canada, My Mechanic Greg Vero.