350 z track day Blyton park

Couple of laps chasing RX8... First time out at Blyton

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How to annoy people on a trackday
It's covered in every track day briefing: if a car has appeared in your mirrors it's because it's faster than you, so please ease off and let them by. Simple. Except when you have selfish people like we see here in the big shiny expensive AMG Mercedes, which no doubt cost a lot of money and clearly has lots of horsepowers. The blue G40 that I've caught is patiently waiting to get past him but gets denied on the start/finish straight. When the opportunity comes up through The Loop the G40 makes good use of it and I try and follow him through, but am wary of what Mr Mercedes might do. As he decides to re-pass me on the straight towards Brooklands I decide I don't fancy having a collision with him so I let the black G40 past which has caught us up. Once again he's denied the pass along the old start/finish straight, and again on the run down from Copse which nearly ends in a collision - you can just about hear me shouting in disbelief. His arm gesticulation is completely justified. Shot from onboard my Caterham at a Silverstone GP track day organised by Silverstone Track Days. Check out my other edits from the day: Fast laps: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWMqtNfmOnI&hd=1 Moments and mistakes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-7bfhc3AmY&hd=1

Drivers having fun at Blyton Park opening.mov
This is as much fun as you can have with your clothes on

720HD Cadwell Park Novice Track Day 2013
My buddy Geoff Morris blagged me into doing a track-day with him even though I am the Roy Cropper of the biking world. I was absolutely DREADFUL but had a great time all the same. Looking at this video footage makes me cringe with embarrassment but it's too late now. Better learn from it and do better next time, LOL.

GT86 Track Day At Blyton Park (Jan 2015)
Took the GT86 to a track day at Blyton Park a few days ago to have fun getting used to the limits of the car in relative safety Blog: http://www.dedicationblog.com FB: http://www.facebook.com/DedicationBlog Instagram: @dedicationchris @dedicationsi Stickers: http://dedicationblog.bigcartel.com