3800 Boost

Just a plain 3.8L...haha

More Videos...

3800 Testing
Just a 3.8L after acouple of mods haha...Testing it and about to get the fuel injectors right soo we can give it more than 1/4 pedal ...Vid updates coming soon

3800 Turbo Monte Carlo

OhayoCon 08 John's Monte Carlo
On the drive home... I decided to get video footage of John / Xenida's Chevy Monte Carlo

z24 3800 turbo(sylvain)(http://3800.monchar.com/)
my first burn out video at only 8 psi no tuned(v6 3800 1997 gtp engine with garrett ta49 of buick gn,0.60a/r comp,0.63 a/r turbine! stock engine with only polish in/out m90!! )15 psi to come and Dyno tuned!!