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ATV CHASED BY STUPID COPS Man Fleeing Cops on ATV is Rammed Sent Flying Over side Rail

ATV CHASED BY STUPID PIG COPS Man Fleeing Cops on ATV is Rammed By Dumb Cops and is Sent Flying Over side rail


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scaring cops with train horns
700 dollar set up chrome 5 gallon tank chrome viair 380c compressor chrome hand valve united pacific horizontal horns 1/2 air line 200 psi

Police Pursuit / Chase - 15-year-old steals a BMW car
I do not own this video, Footage taken from a dash camera on a police car. Police Pursuit / Chase - 15-year-old steals a BMW car Shawnee County, Kansas- A 15-year-old driver gets behind the wheel of a BMW and races up to speeds of 150 mph.

Running from the cops on a yz 250F and rmz 250
READ: This cop in the video was chasing us before the gopro was turned on ! and then we met up with him about 10 minutes later https://www.facebook.com/pages/454films/165428493527172 Check Me Out On Facebook !

High Speed Police Chase Motorcycle Crash
High Speed Police Chase Web: http://youtube.com/DPM21LPM19 Blog: http://vgtmotorsports.blogspot.com/ The guy thought he could outrun police at high rates of speed. He side swipes on curve and crashes on to the pavement. police, cop, cops, chase, motorcycle, cort, court, tv, High speed, atv, quad, fast, street, yamaha, suzuki

AtvNerd the last idiot is not born yet
Swedish atvidiot flipping over with his Can-am outlander

Dallas County Sheriff Chasing Dirt Bike 1/22/12 on Trinity River Levees Dallas Texas
Dallas County Sheriff Deputy cornering and chasing dirt bike motorcycle on the Trinity River levees near Industrial Blvd and Corinth. The dirt bike tried to flee into the woods only to find he was trapped. He rode back and forth for a minute looking for a way out. In that time, the deputy positioned his squad car blocking the road under the trestle. If it were a vehicle or quad bike the deputy would have caught him. The deputy had no chance against a dirt bike.The rider approached the car and appeared to taunt the deputy before taking off back up the levees towards downtown Dallas. This is the north levee of the Trinity River in Dallas, Texas at the new Santa Fe Trestle Trail trailhead. The DART rail line linking Dallas with Oak Cliff is directly overhead. Private motorized vehicles are forbidden from driving on the levees. This is due to potential erosion issues and safety. Fines are high if you are caught.

Messed with a wrong mustang...
it ended up being supercharged, modified to look like a sleeper gt, even had the stock Exhaust tips but you could clearly see the huge dual piping behind them...lots of respect. Driven by a senior citizen, no joke. BTW for ppl that think we were in a base 300 video response attached is the same car. More videos of this SRT can be found on my channel.

Cop Vrs Wheelie
Wheelie WINS

ATV Runs from Cops
A guy on a 4 wheeler came flying by my house with a cop right on his tail. :) He got away too.

stupid cop on bike
stupid cop fall off his bike

ATV Chase in The City Of Angels !!
Chasing a band of locos on ATV's in the City of Angels.

RCMP truck slams into ATV!!
RCMP truck slams into atv with an man on it, this happened in La Loche Saskatchewan outside the high school, no warning, lights or siren. 3 weeks after Harry Haineault was shot and killed by RCMP on the Clearwater River Dene Nation near La Loche Sk.

Banshee 400 STROKED vs. Yamaha Raptor 700 TURBO (ATV STREETRACE)
Yamaha Raptor-700 (stock) with YaKaHoSu turbo Kit vs Yamaha Banshee-350 (built, but fresh out of storage) with 400cc Stroker Kit and street tires. The riders swapped ATV's half way through, but didn't matter because Raptor was obviously faster. ***PLEASE READ*** A "two-stroke" 55hp Banshee-400, vs a "four-stroke" 75hp turbocharged Raptor-700... Obviously a 75hp ATV should win against "any type" of 55hp ATV, no matter what stroke or cc. It's physics! Unless he was literally riding and engine, then maybe yes. Lol. Power to Weight. Filmed on the Streets of Poway, California. Video Property of Kyle at SIK 2013 SIK Videos on Twitter: http://twitter.com/SIKvideos Team Alba Racing: http://teamalbaracing.com

Police Chase BMW Reaching 241 Km/h
Police Chase I Think In Germany ( Why Thers No Audio From A Tv Programmer Becuse My Mates What Watch My Vids Anit German ! Reachs Up To 241 Km/h Think He Gets Busted Not Sure

DMX being chased by police on a 660 raptor
Being chased by police then drifts its way through a glass window with a 660 raptor.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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2003 Ford Ranger Full Tube Chassis: 7.414 @ 183.980
Don Nase Jr, Engine: 2.3 Liter, Turbos: Single

1983 Ford Ranger short wheelbase: 9.690 @ 119.000
Robert, Engine: 408, Tires: 11.00

1984 Ford Ranger : 9.710 @ 136.000
, Engine: 331,

1987 Ford Ranger : 9.943 @ 132.520
Jay Taylor, Engine: 351 Windsor, Supercharger: Nope Turbos: Nope Tires: Mickey Thompson ET Drags

1989 Ford Ranger : 9.980 @ 135.480
Roughcut Racing Ranger, Engine: 408 Windsor (All Motor), Supercharger: Nope Turbos: Nope Tires: 31*12.5*15 MT rear / Hooiser 26/3.5 Front

2000 Audi A4 B5 1.8t GT35R Turbo: 10.553 @ 132.350
Mike Hood, Engine: 2032cc, Turbos: GT35R Tires: BFG 225/45/17

1984 Ford Ranger xl: 10.572 @ 120.400
Ron Graham, Engine: 347, Tires: Hoosier

2000 Audi A4 B5 1.8t HTA3586 Turbo: 10.732 @ 135.970
Mike Hood, Engine: 2032cc, Turbos: Forced Performace HTA3586 Tires: Hoosier 245/45/17 drag radials

1998 Ford Ranger : 10.790 @ 124.000
Kevin Ouellette, Engine: ford 347, Supercharger: no Turbos: no Tires: Mickey thompson 29.5 x 10.5

1997 Audi A4 1.8T GT35R: 10.821 @ 130.110
Chris Tapp, Engine: 4 cyl 20V 2.0liter, Turbos: GT35R Tires: toyo ra1

1983 Ford Ranger : 10.873 @ 125.030
Jeff Whitaker, Engine: 347, Supercharger: weiand 174 Tires: M/T Drag Radials

1984 Ford Ranger : 11.000 @ 121.000
Richard Novak, Engine: 466 Big Block Ford, Tires: Hoosier QuickTime Pro

1984 Ford Ranger Long Bed: 11.055 @ 121.000
Mark, Engine: 501, Tires: Et Streets

1989 Ford Ranger : 11.125 @ 118.930
Darin Johnson, Engine: 351 Windsor, Tires: 31x16.5 et streets

1984 Ford Ranger : 11.380 @ 116.770
Mike Georgelin, Engine: 89 5.0L,

1992 Ford Ranger : 11.620 @ 112.000
nathan, Engine: 302, Tires: mickey street radial drags

1998 Audi A4 TQM: 11.704 @ 131.480
Lucas Lozo, Engine: 2.0L, Turbos: GT35R

1998 Ford Ranger : 12.065 @ 114.830
Jess Warren, Engine: 2.5 block, Supercharger: No Turbos: Holset hx35 Tires: Slicks

2000 Audi A4 1.8T TQM: 12.115 @ 119.770
Sean Tate, Engine: 1.8T, Turbos: GT35R Tires: All Season Good year

1998 Audi A4 A4: 12.189 @ 120.100
Joey L, Engine: 1.8l, Turbos: HTA3076r .82a/r Tires: Kumho ecsta mx


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