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ATV CHASED BY STUPID COPS Man Fleeing Cops on ATV is Rammed Sent Flying Over side Rail

ATV CHASED BY STUPID PIG COPS Man Fleeing Cops on ATV is Rammed By Dumb Cops and is Sent Flying Over side rail


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Atv Police chase.....
Burnt them motha fuckers.... Since there is allot of confusion about this video. The camera man had no helmet or goggles. He was on a polaris 525 outlaw. He was infact on the fastest bike of the 3 and was in back for multiple reasons. None of what you're probably thinking. I would assume that the camera man would ride in the back first so that he could capture everything on video. 2nd the rider in the middle was new to the area. if quad 1 looses quad 2, then quad 2 follows quad 3 to safety. Besides the fact that rider 3 was without a fucking helmet or goggles and could barely see when they all took off. The head turning was not just to see what was behind.. It was to clear his eyes of dust so he didn't crash because of blindness!

Stupid USA's police have zero respect for public safety !!!
Stupid USA's cops have zero respect for public safety. They made a big mess on the freeways. Police totally incompetent. USA's crops can be worse than iraq's one. Policia americana estupida causa acidente. Esta pior que a policia carioca...

honda civic police chase
i own all rights.... 3 Hondas watch the rest!!!

Cop Vrs Wheelie
Wheelie WINS

stupid cop on bike
stupid cop fall off his bike

Beautiful Policeman Writes Ticket While Motocross Riders Fly Right By
This cool dude takes his job a little too seriously

Banshee 400 STROKED vs. Yamaha Raptor 700 TURBO (ATV STREETRACE)
Yamaha Raptor-700 (stock) with YaKaHoSu turbo Kit vs Yamaha Banshee-350 (built, but fresh out of storage) with 400cc Stroker Kit and street tires. The riders swapped ATV's half way through, but didn't matter because Raptor was obviously faster. ***PLEASE READ*** A "two-stroke" 55hp Banshee-400, vs a "four-stroke" 75hp turbocharged Raptor-700... Obviously a 75hp ATV should win against "any type" of 55hp ATV, no matter what stroke or cc. It's physics! Unless he was literally riding and engine, then maybe yes. Lol. Power to Weight. Filmed on the Streets of Poway, California. Video Property of Kyle at SIK 2013 SIK Videos on Twitter: http://twitter.com/SIKvideos Team Alba Racing: http://teamalbaracing.com

AtvNerd the last idiot is not born yet
Swedish atvidiot flipping over with his Can-am outlander

ATV Chase in The City Of Angels !!
Chasing a band of locos on ATV's in the City of Angels.

Nice Police Getaway
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Dallas County Sheriff Chasing Dirt Bike 1/22/12 on Trinity River Levees Dallas Texas
Dallas County Sheriff Deputy cornering and chasing dirt bike motorcycle on the Trinity River levees near Industrial Blvd and Corinth. The dirt bike tried to flee into the woods only to find he was trapped. He rode back and forth for a minute looking for a way out. In that time, the deputy positioned his squad car blocking the road under the trestle. If it were a vehicle or quad bike the deputy would have caught him. The deputy had no chance against a dirt bike.The rider approached the car and appeared to taunt the deputy before taking off back up the levees towards downtown Dallas. This is the north levee of the Trinity River in Dallas, Texas at the new Santa Fe Trestle Trail trailhead. The DART rail line linking Dallas with Oak Cliff is directly overhead. Private motorized vehicles are forbidden from driving on the levees. This is due to potential erosion issues and safety. Fines are high if you are caught.

RCMP truck slams into ATV!!
RCMP truck slams into atv with an man on it, this happened in La Loche Saskatchewan outside the high school, no warning, lights or siren. 3 weeks after Harry Haineault was shot and killed by RCMP on the Clearwater River Dene Nation near La Loche Sk.

camaro vs evolution
arrancones moroleon gana Camaro

DMX being chased by police on a 660 raptor
Being chased by police then drifts its way through a glass window with a 660 raptor.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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