Pontiac GTO supercharged build with Love

My Beloved GTO Review as she is going to have a huge make over i liked to share this video that feture where iv been with the build next video will show the improvments done on it and how extremley crazy its going to be , hope you guys will love it watch till the end a nice race is hapening after along drive to the race track with Street Radials :) Cheerz

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Pontiac GTO 9,746 1/4 Mile @ 142.5 mph
Super charged Lumina SS 2004 , Fastest Street Car in UAE , Thumps up for the GTR very strong Car , from now on will work on adding power to my engine and put my baby on diet

2006 GTO 408 Iron Block & Supercharged
My newest baby, 06 GTO with 27k miles. Specs: 27,200 miles on the car in this video 8,000 miles on the build 408 iron block stroker with forged internals Stage 2 heads Dual springs Magnuson 112 Supercharger Bigger injectors 1 to 1 rear pulleys and smaller front pulley Fuel pump Booster over 3k RPMs ECS Belt tensioner Full Exhaust LS7 clutch Gage package Interior and body sound proofing 35% tint Euro tail lights

1000 HP Supercharged Pontiac GTO
the full story of my babe since i got it untill now and still going on the strongest street lumina ss in UAE .

Local Shop Totaled my GTO!
This is the aftermath of taking my car to R&R Garage in Frederick MD to have new drag radials put on. They decided to take my 600hp Goat out and this is what happened. Lost control on the highway and slammed almost head on into the jersey barrier. The shop's insurance covered the loss, and I have since purchased a 567rwhp 2010 Camaro SS (Video to come).