FS Racing 30CC Xanavi Nissan 350z 1/5 scale R/C Radio Controlled Racer

This is my newly arrived and run in FS Racing Car. Has the 30cc Engine there are 3 engine sizes this is the largest, you probably will hear this is not quite tuned correctly however ran well enough to take short video

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rc car 1:5 reely / NISSAN Testfahrt
NETTO DIE 2. JULI2010 erste Testfahrt mit neuem Reso,,SOUND PUR,,

FS racing King Kong 5th scale RC remote control
This is just a quick video to show that the 5th scale RC truck that I have for sale starts easy and moves like it is supposed to. The street was all slushy today so just a quick burn on the driveway. Mine is 2wd but you can buy the kit to make it a 4x4. Comes with a body as well but is not shown in this video. thanks for looking

Carbon Fighter Pro 30,5 ccm Offroad Speed Test
ein kleiner ausritt mit meinem CF Pro 30,5ccm =)

fs racing 1/5 30CC Xanavi Nissan 350z scale R/C Radio Controlled Racer レーシング
fs racing 1/5 RC gas car