FS Racing 30CC Xanavi Nissan 350z 1/5 scale R/C Radio Controlled Racer

This is my newly arrived and run in FS Racing Car. Has the 30cc Engine there are 3 engine sizes this is the largest, you probably will hear this is not quite tuned correctly however ran well enough to take short video

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lloret race for Large Scale 1/5 R/C Touring Cars on the seafront
Until recently Moviestar sponsored the Large Scale Race on the car park north end of Lloret de la Mar north of Barcelona. Normally it is great sushine but the week before this race a great storm washed away the beach at Lloret and we got the tail end of it with rain and wind! Beach has now been replaced but the WRC no longer goes to Lloret so no more Touring Car 1/5 R/C racing.

RedCat New 1/5 Scale Rampage XB Engine Breaking in
http://onlyflyingmachines.com http://onlyflyingmachines.com/product-category/multirotors/ http://onlyflyingmachines.com/product-category/pnp_fpv_combos/ Check out the Engine breaking in video of this New RedCat 1/5 scale lightweight 30cc Gasoline Engine powered 4WD off road buggy. This time these RedCats are lighter, faster and more powerful. Better performance with all that reduced weight and modified new parts and totally new design. More videos and no promo bashing videos will be available soon at my channel.

FS racing King Kong 5th scale RC remote control
This is just a quick video to show that the 5th scale RC truck that I have for sale starts easy and moves like it is supposed to. The street was all slushy today so just a quick burn on the driveway. Mine is 2wd but you can buy the kit to make it a 4x4. Comes with a body as well but is not shown in this video. thanks for looking

hummer 1/5 scale gas
fs racing rc 1/5 scale gas 30cc hummer