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MyDrive | HO Interceptor and the story of the HO name

MyDrive's Ash Davies takes a look at the 351 HO Interceptor of Keith Alexander and follow's the untold story of Wayne Draper and the HO name. In 1978 ex Ford designer Wayne Draper secured the rights to the HO name from Ford. Today, his company HO Interceptors creates the modern Ford GTHO. To read more about this story, check out our piece at http://mydrivemedia.com.au/keith-alexander-ho-interceptor/ For further information on MyDrive, see our website http://mydrivemedia.com.au You can also contact Ash directly via http://www.twitter.com/photoguides


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1969 Ford XW GT complete
GT is pretty much complete all thats left are the gear ratios.

HO Phase 6 - XE Ford Falcon
This is the original Phase 6 that Wayne Draper built for the street in 1982 (for the Dick Johnson street car prototype). The original engine in 82' for Johnson was a a turbo charged 6 cylinder cross flow. In 88', a 351 Cleveland with carburetor was put in (and is still in today). It's been perfectly tuned by our Phase Autos toy shop. Enjoy!

Aston Martin V8 Vantage
Eibach and Alpine are turning the Aston Martin V8 Vantage into a stylish performance car.

MyDrive | Aston Martin V12 Zagato Startup And In Depth Tour
MyDrive's Ash Davies takes a close look at the new Aston Martin V12 Zagato in customer spec prior to its Australian launch. It's the only customer spec car in the world, currently touring to present to potential customers. In this MyDrive exclusive we walk through the car's design and features and even hear its incredible Exhaust note! For more information on this segment, please see the MyDrive Media website. http://mydrivemedia.com.au/aston-martin-v12-zagato/ For further details on MyDrive, see our website http://www.mydrivemedia.com.au

2012 Police Ford Interceptor Test Drive Part 2 vs. Chevrolet Tahoe and Dodge Challenger
http://www.facebook.com/thinkfordnow Introducing the all new 2012 Ford Police Interceptor Test Drive, part II. This installment is called, the 'Dog Bone." Police officers take test drives on the current Dodge and Chevrolet police vehicles and compare the driver's experience of those with Ford's new interceptor models. The following demonstrations feature real police officers. They were not paid for their participation. Their comments and opinions are their own and do not necessarily represent their respective police agencies. http://www.facebook.com/thinkfordnow

MyDrive | Better Place and the Future of the Electric Car
MyDrive's Ash Davies takes a close look at the current state of the electric car and the network that could very well bring them to the public. Working with the new Nissan Leaf and Better Place, this film looks into the revolutionary technology that could finally make the Electric Car make sense. For more information on MyDrive, see our website http://www.mydrivemedia.com.au

MyDrive | Peugeot RCZ
MyDrive | The Peugeot RCZ from the get go put me in the comfortable box as soon as I took to the driver's seat. Having the RCZ for just on two weeks, I found myself in a situation of not wanting to hand back the keys. I would have to say the RCZ is one of the best cars I've reviewed this Series. From the front to the back, the little Peugeot just sings like a superstar, it really does. It has the right level of looks and comfort with plenty of power. For further details, please click the link for the entire article. http://mydrivemedia.com.au/peugeot-rcz-the-background-story/ For more information on MyDrive, see our website http://www.mydrivemedia.com.au

Ford Police Interceptor Official Test Drive 2 -- Wet Pad
On a giant skid pad flooded with water, the officers push the limits of handling and control in a Ford Police Interceptor sedan and utility, Chevrolet Tahoe and Dodge Charger Pursuit. http://www.fordpoliceinterceptor.com

Michigan Vehicle Tests: 2012 Ford P.I. Utility
Tony Gratson, government sales manager with Ford Motor Co., gives a walk-around tour of the 2012 Ford Police Interceptor Utility at the Michigan State Police's annual vehicle evaluation.


2013 Ford Police Interceptor
Peter Bleakney takes a drive in the new 2013 Ford Police Interceptor.

GT StaR 0811 encore www.go.to/falconGT INTERCEPTOR HO www.falconGT.go.to ALLAN MOFFAT FORD FPV FALCON GT GT StaR 0811 encore

1971 Ford Falcon XY GT HO Phase 3 Hitting The Accelerator, BIG 351 Cleveland V8!! Part 1
Genuine 1971 ford falcon xy gtho phase 3, wild violet going for a spin at night, 4 speed top loader, 9 inch differential, with a shaker, This beast makes around 440hp!


Rosebud Co Sheriff, MT Police Interceptor SUV

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