Ferrari F430 0-200 kmh Acceleration!!

Probably this is one of the best acceleration i have ever seen on road.. a red Ferrari F430 accelerating past to me 'till the 4th gear, it reached about 200kmh or a little bit more, in a 70kmh speed limit area! It sounded insane, be sure to turn up your speakers!

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Ferrari F430 Scuderia 0-100 km/h 0-320 km/h - BRUTAL ACCELERATION !
Ferrari F430 Scuderia 0-320 km/h

Ferrari F430 - Acceleration Sound
A short video showing the start-up and acceleration sound of the Ferrari F430 on a private road.

Maserati GranTurismo vs. Ferrari F430 fast acceleration!!
Maserati GranTurismo vs. Ferrari F430 with Lovely Sounds! We did a little trip with some nice accelerations and little slides! The Ferrari F430 had Formula 1 light at the backside, it is great to see it when it is driving in the dark. Enjoy this video. Please, don't forget to rate, comment and subscribe my videos. For more see my Car Channel! CvdZijden!

A Day w/ the Insane Ferrari F355 F1 Spider in the Tunnels
I join my friend Stefano "Secondotestomale" for a truly epic day behind the wheel Scuderia Baldini's very special Ferrari F355 F1 Spider, finished in my fav colours combination and with a Sport Exhaust as well! After a long time spent in Dubai, the car now is back to Italy to stretch its legs and shout in the tunnels, probably one of the best sounding cars I have ever driven! Secondotestomale's Facebook: Subscribe! Facebook: Twitter: