350z start up issue

04 Nissan 350z intermittent start up issue. No codes

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Nissan 350z Start Up
Starting up my 2003 Nissan 350z. Top speed pro 1 Exhaust. AEM intake. Stern Beast 18" rims. Rear tires 275/35 front tires 255/35

350z warm start up problem
having trouble with my 350z starting up when warm, its cranks for too long

03 350z CPS replace won't start
Ok I'm getting a lot of people asking what the problem was. I was throwing codes for camshaft positions sensors so I bought bank 1-2 camshaft position sensors from Autozone and replaced them. this is the cause for the problem. So I went to dealer and bought them and replaced them again and the car fired right up with no issues what so ever. Now a lot of these cars have issues with ignitions. So your problem might be something different. These cars are very sensitive to sensors so don't buy the cheap ones. On a side note. I had an issues with led taillights. After changing them my car would start to buck and kick when I would hammer down. If I spin the tires my VDC ABS and every bell and whistle would go off. I installed resistors from RadioShack and everything was fine after.

350z Start Issue
I'm not quite sure what brought about this issue. I should have shown the battery voltage meter but I assure you it's always within acceptable range. Right between 12 and 16. This is a 2003 Track model, Manual Transmission. And yes, my foot was all the way depressed on the clutch and there is no rug or anything else blocking it.