Investigating Chevy 305 burning oil at idle

[[UPDATE: after wasting money on valve stem seals without fully investigating what the issue definitely was, i finally took off the right side valve cover which has NEVER been taken off..i found the the rear oil drain hole (theres 2, 1 in the front 1 in the back of the head) was plugged with fiber which is from the 10 year old air filter i had been basically the ENTIRE valve cover was filling with oil force feeding oil into the cylinders. Goes to show, routine maintenance is not a joke..i figured an air filter is an air filter, but i guess not lol.After 10 minutes of idling the Exhaust will start making blue smoke and it looks kinda like "Uncle Buck" lol. It VERY rarely smokes when i drive, only when i take off.

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Chevy 305 burning oil? [solved]
[[UPDATE: It was a $0 problem. I assumed it was bad valve stem seals, but i had never taken off the right side valve cover to fully investigate and bought the seals anyway. I took off the valve cover to find the rear oil drain hole (theres one in the front and back of the head) was clogged with what i think it fiber from a 10 year old air filter i had been using..Basically the valve cover would fill with oil forcing oil to find its way down into the cylindars. So after i unplugged it, no more smoke! Easy as that! ]] I knew it couldn't possibly be something as serious as piston only had 53,000 miles on it at the time.

Replacing valve stem seals in 305 H.O. small block chevy from 1986 Monte Carlo SS
I'm putting the original 305HO back in the Monte after taking the ZZ3 out for my Iroc project. This is mainly to make the car mobile but it may end up tagged with this engine for a while. Previous owner reported that this 305 has over 100k miles on it and has been out of the car since 1997. He said it smoked during startup and sure enough the valve stem seals were worn out. Hopefully this will fix the issue.

Knew I was 100% right,bad valve seals..
Been doing this long enough and knew I 100% was right about everything..

Chevy 305 Valve Issues Classic G-Body Garage
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