California Corvette Club Z06 Vs Dodge Viper

Corey from the California Corvette Club vs. Dodge Viper GTS. Took him in the end!!!!!!!!!!

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Viper GTS vs corvette Z06 run 1/4 miles
Viper GTS VS Corvette Z06 Stock vs Stock. drag race Lanas.

Dodge Viper vs Z06
Dodge Viper kicks the Z06 @ss in so many different ways - Watch this video to see it in action! I saw these 2 guys from the show Dream Car Garage while at the track it looked pretty cool!

California Corvette Club Racing
Paul and Bud go head to head at a private airstrip in Ione.

California Corvette Club Racing in Ione
This is Mike (450 Hp) Chevelle, missed his launch and is getting beat by Bud in a black C5. He hitts his Nitros at the mid point and pulls off the win.