My Stage 3 SRT-4 on the dyno

My Stage 3 SRT-4 on VMP Tunings Mobile Dynojet. The car is Stage 3 with the inconel turbine. It has a couple basic bolt-ons (intake, Exhaust, Intercooler, and wastegate). Numbers are with High Octane Mode on and 23.5psi of Boost.

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Srt4 stage 3 dyno
3''Tbe,3''o2 housing,full mopar stage 3 kit with dw 1000cc injectors,Agp wastegate,Godspeed bfmic,k&n Sri,Diablo sport intune... Tunned by nemo at Ragetek on e85

srt-4 stage 3 dyno
srt-4 stage 3 Dyno video

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