ZX-10R vs S1000RR on Top Speed Chase

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Instagram - https://instagram.com/saiyanrsexy/ This dude really was a savage :) He drove that M4 like it should be! At one point, gravel was nailing me in my helmet and body like bullets. Let's hope he'll come back for more action and sweet footage. Now I'm thinking of taking a break from constant race footage. I'm the supercar chaser but I have other things I would love to show you guys so we'll be taking a mini break from racing footage unless I meet someone, race them and give them a card. Then I have to edit the footage and upload since they wanna see it. It would be hella rude to make them wait months upon months. So yeah, no more race videos for awhile...maybe. My fall semester of college is beginning soon so all this sweet time editing is going to be replaced with education and studying and hollering at shawties at college so please bear with me for the next few months, until winter break I guess. I might not be able to upload twice a week. As you guys can see that some footage has 3 or 2 camera angles so that takes twice or up to 3 times more effort/time to edit. So my goal will be to release 1 video per week. I'm going to shoot for making more motovlogs in the upcoming weeks since again, I want a break from race footage. Next video should be interesting for many of you old subscribers that have stuck with me for so long. You'll enjoy it but it'll also be sad but that'll change as well. I got things under control so no worries. Anyways, stay tuned and like always, thank for the love and support. -SaiyanRSexy!

zx-10r - Autobahn - Dodge Challenger SRT8 670HP
I met this Dodge on my way to a buddy. Due to the high traffic and some speedlimits, only one run was possible. Had a talk to the driver later and perhaps there'll be a follow up. Btw the Dodge has 670HP, some kind of a special American racing engine, and a topspeed of ~310km/h (~193mph)

2011 Kawasaki ZX-10R ABS vs. 2011 BMW S1000RR
This fall, Moto123.com pitted two of the fastest and hottest production superbikes ever built against each other, namely the 2011 Kawasaki ZX-10R ABS and 2011 BMW S1000RR.

299KM/H BMW S1000RR vs ZX10-R vs CBR HRC 1000
TOP SPEED 299km BMW S1000RR vs ZX10-R vs CBR HRC 1000