Yamaha R1. Los Angeles Topanga Road. Motorcycle Vlog

Yamaha R1 Motorcycle Vlog, I ran into a born and raised California resident which I had a great talk with. He told me of a better canyon road to ride over my original destination of Mulholland Drive. Fun little road, just needed to be a little bit longer.

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Yamaha R1. Los Angeles Venice Beach. Motorcycle Vlog
Yamaha R1 Motorcycle Vlog, I wanted to see the ocean and was hot after Olvera Street so took a trip to Venice beach. Camera's: 4 Sound: High/Low f Cut, 2.2 dB gain

Yamaha R1. Los Angeles Beverly Hills. Motorcycle Vlog
Yamaha R1 Motorcycle Vlog, a trip down Beverly Hills and then a run down Hollywood Boulevard before trying to find the center of Los Angeles.

R1Chronicles - A New Start
Roads still a little cold but it was nice getting out on the Mistress and hanging with some good friends. Working out a few kinks with camera's and wind noise, it's been awhile since they have seen any action.

San Bernardino with BakerXderek - Southern California Motovlog
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