Steamed Rice at the Pike 1

Just watchin some rice at the Berlin Turnpike (CT)

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Rattle Trap Install Pt1
Installing FatMat rattle Trap on my 2000 Camaro Z28. Getting used to the GoPro and I guess it needs more light.

Torque Cam Exhaust at Idle
Custom grind Torquer cam Idle. 110LSA.Somewhat warmed up. LS1, LS6 heads and intake. LT's with TSP Rumbler catback.

Fire Pump Testing 1
Testing a large fire suppression emergency system for a USCG aircraft hangar. Twin 750 hp John Deere engines sitting on 250k gallons of water.

Turbo Trans Am 950hp
Big single turbo trans am Dyno pull. Owner of Slowhawk performance, Bridgewater Mass.