Steamed Rice at the Pike 1

Just watchin some rice at the Berlin Turnpike (CT)

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Fire Pump Testing 1
Testing a large fire suppression emergency system for a USCG aircraft hangar. Twin 750 hp John Deere engines sitting on 250k gallons of water

FAST 102 First Start compilation
FAST 102 intake, NW 102 TB, ASP UDP, 42# injectors, high flow rails, FTP lid. This youtube editor is actually easy to use!

Infinity Reference 6030cs Unboxing
Unboxing of my new set of Infinity Reference 6030cs. There IS an adapter ring in there that I didn't notice.

700hp Snowblower
Yes, I run this for airfield snow removal. Co-worker was running this one, going back to the shop to refuel. Clearing our parking apron. Throws a couple hundred tons an hour.