Random in the Subaru SVX!

Random. lol the best part is at the end when jay pulls up in his Lancer. lol

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gas filled hood strut fix on Subaru SVX
I show in this video what I have found is a pretty easy and affective way to fix those gas filled struts that are used on some hoods, trunk lids , pickup topper shell doors and even some equipment. This isn't as good as installing new ones but it's a lot cheaper and will never wear out. I used a piece of pipe cut from an old generator carriage but I have used a piece of conduit on one I fixed before on a pickup topper lid. I think a piece of a bicycle handle bar would work , also in some cases a length of pvc water pipe would work. I hope this gives you an idea as how to make life easier so you can throw away the broom handle and put the vice grips back in the tool box, thanks for watching.

2015 Subaru SVX/XT6 Dragon Meet Group Drive
Our group of Subarus on NC Rte 28 South of Fontana Village

Famous Subaru "SVX" TV commercial from Wieden & Kennedy's "What To Drive" launch campaign.
This well known spot debuted in 1992 as one of two national brand spots for Wieden & Kennedy's launch campaign. COMPOSER: Jud Haskins DIRECTOR: Joe Pytka AGENCY: Wieden & Kennedy PRODUCER: John Adams CREATIVE TEAM: Jerry Cronin & Larry Frey. CREATIVE DIRECTORS: Dan Wieden and David Kennedy.

スバル アルシオーネ SVX