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Toyota Supra MK3 2JZ 1000hp the first meters

This video is about my 1000+hp MK3 Supra making the first few meters around the garage. Please don't expect a racing video, because the engine is brand new, and the ECU is not programmed yet. We will make race videos about the car soon, but first we have to use it gently for about 1000km's (625Miles) and then go to the Dyno :)


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Single turbo Supra races bike and blows motor
This is the full video from Super Speeders 1 lap of NYC showing Rogers single turbo (TO4R) 1997 Supra racing a ZX-10R driven by Racer X. The Bike has a pipe, power commander, and other basic bolt ons with a top speed of just under 190 mph. For more videos check out the rest of my channel on youtube, or you can go to www.superspeeders.com to buy Super Speeders DVD or merchandise. You can also download digital copies or rent any of the DVDS on www.amazon.com FACEBOOK - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Super-Speeders/204571479556925

71mm 2jz mk3 (~14psi / 91oct) VS: Lamborghini Gallardo
2jz swapped mk3 with Precision 7175 .81ar turbine housing 4" straight Exhaust.

Toyota Supra MK3 2JZ 1000hp drag race practice
Here is the video of the first drag race day practice of our 1000hp Toyota Supra. Low Boost, but noooo traction at all.... www.tuningaruhaz.hu

1988 Toyota Supra 18Lbs Boost!
My frieends Toyota Supra on the Dyno. Inline 6, stock turbo with Boost controller, custom Exhaust 381Rwhp and 397 Rwtq.......!!!!!! 18 Lbs Boost!!!!! He'll have to fill you in on the rest!!!!! Smokin Car by the way!!!!

V8 toyota supra mk3 walk around
chevy 350 toyota supra, custom body work, paint, etc.

1987 Toyota Supra Turbo 445rwhp Two Gear John Force Burnout
SHOT ON 08/2000 !! Way before Youtube!! Old School! This was my Supra that I owned, and should have never sold! I had the following mods (all HKS products unless noted): VPC w/550s, FCON, GCCII, EVCIII, Cams (very rare), 80mm Sport Exhaust, Spearco Intercooler, Greddy BOV, Clutchmasters Stage 3.... It was a unique car because, at the time, I had every bolt on part electronic wise from HKS. I even scored a set of one of three sets of real HKS cams! It was truly an all HKS/Japanese ride that went off their scale of mods! According to their catalog at the time, stage 7 was the highest you could go. I built this car completely by myself in the mid 90s, this was shot on 8/00. One of the first people to put on a big single. I had to fab it all myself because there weren't kits at the time. It was a daily driver, and drove it to Canada several times, from SE PA. I would also drive and drag race it at the following tracks: Maple Grove (used to be the ONLY import there), Cecil County, and Englishtown. I was able to drive it to the track, pull of ridiculous times, not break anything, and drive it home. Reliable and fast as hell! Topped out at 172mph. Ran 13.3 @ 122 at 25psi (110 octane), and 12.5 @ 115 at 15psi, on street tires (not drag radials). I started off in 1st gear, then shifted into 2nd. I could have kept laying rubber in 2nd, but what's the point! It had power to smoke them off the rims in 1st and 2nd gear. It Dynoed 445rwhp @ 20psi. I ran it as high as 25psi on race gas, but it was never Dynoed at this Boost level. Sidebar: Nick Holden, still waiting, but I'm not Holden by breath, to see videos of your 1000rwhp 7MGTE.


Exhaust Sound test. 1990 MKIII supra 2jz-gte swapped ma70
See the old build pics @ www.streetfire.net user profile Flateric. I'll be posting more here soon as well. I finally finished doing the swap on my 1990 MA70 MKIII supra. I had no previous automotive experience and needed a project that didn't relate to my work in any way. I am the original owner of this Supra. I made the switch over to a 2jz from a fairly decent 7M setup that put approx. 500RWHP down. It was a HKS VPC FCON setup installed and tuned by Reg Reimer of RCTS who is very lucky for me local. The 2J setup consists of, 2JZ-GTE (jdm aristo motor) HKS 264 cams 870cc injectors GT4088R Vielside Intake mani china Exhaust mani HKS 50mm wastegate Tial 50mm BOV 2.5" IC piping throughout Large HKS front mount Intercooler AEM series 2 ecu GM air intake probe AEM 3.5bar map sensor lightweight flywheel rps clutch AEM meth injected 100 shot of NOS (not installed as of yet until everything is settled out) AEM wideband analog guage AEM tru-Boost Marlin crawler r154 upgrades. 1 piece aluminium drive shaft 3" trust/greedy Exhaust (no cats, so 3" from the turbo on out) lightweight pully set H&R Springs, swaybars Bilstien struts MOMO idea mags 275's rear 245's front Entire car was stripped down totally bare and doubled the spot welds throughout the car, then everything was stich welded up and frame foam filled. Front and rear strut tower braces Strengthened upgraded rear trailing arms (or as some call them traction bars. MKIV motor mounts BIC motor mount brackets Poly sub frame and tranny mounts Oversized ford K&N oil filter on earls thermo/relocation sandwich plate. Oversized front mount oil cooler HKS fuel rail (setup as dual feed with center return) Areomotive FPR 6AN fuel lines MKIV intank fuel pump Inline fuel pump (the name escapes me at this moment) Koyo Aluminium Rad + Upgraded silicon hoses. Braided steel lines throughout. Quickspool valve (on the way here. HKS EGT probe and guage HKS Boost guage in stock guage location And thats about all I feel like typing right now. Deleted from the car currently A/C, cruise, spare, jack, stereo and new recaro seats are on the way. Rear bumper replaced with far lighter weight ss tubular bumper.

Ride in a 85' T61 2JZGTE Celica Supra
A few cars made a big pull out of the question. So this is just a ride home.

Toyota Supra MKIII with 2JZ motor dyno run
This is a Toyota Supra MKIII with a 2JZ motor built by Final Stage Motorsports doing a Dyno run at Supras Invade Las Vegas 2006. It put down 494 on the Dyno while throwing out a huge fireball out of the exhuast. www.facebook.com/forcefedracing

Toyota Supra MK3 2JZ VEMS ECU tuning
VEMS ECU powers my Toyota Supra MK3 with 2JZ engine. The car is bulilt for drag racing. It has a TitanMotorsports engine with Garrett GT47-18 turbo and all the goodness you can imagine :)

1000 HP Toyota Aristo
Video from: Drift Tengoku.Vol.37

Toyota Supra 1987 - 1992 MKIII [MK3]
The classic popular Supra... I have one and it rocks! Comment and rate! Songs: [not in order, just guess] HOT FUJI - Brian Tyler STRICKEN - Disturbed DECADENCE - Disturbed SKINNYMAN - Static X YOU'LL BE UNDER MY WHEELS - The Prodigy STRONGER - Kanye West and Daft Punk Instrumental NOTE: I do not own any of the images played in this video and do not own any type of copyright over them.

The Ponce ride Toyota Supra MK3 1JZ's first meters and donuts
Here is our fresh built '88 Toyota Supra MK3 with built 1JZ-GTE engine. The car is just finished and the ECU is not programmed yet. We'd like to see about 600whp from this car. Visit us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/respectmotorsport (English) or our website www.tuningaruhaz.hu (Hungarian). We'll post more videos of this car soon...

1000 hp Supra 2JZ engine taken apart
what more to say? 1000 hp apart :)

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