AMC AMX 2 H.O. Slotcar Track Racing with Train Crossing

Winter Fun - 2nd Camera Angle - HO Slotcar Race track has (2) H.O. Train crossings. Tomy turbo Chassis. Race 3-4 laps to beat train to crossings back and forth.

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Amesie's corner 61 - 1968 AMC AMX
via YouTube Capture

1969 AMC AMX
This 1969 AMX sold in 2009

1987 Honda Civic CRX Si Blade Silver Stock
Blast from the past ! DejaVu. Bought a new Blue 1985 CRX DX Automatic and had it only 8 months. Last week picked up this rare Gen1 1987 CRX in exceptional condition. And now 27 years later finaly have another CRX, but this time it's an Si and 5 Speed like the first one back in 1985 shoulda been. Solid fondation to build on, but aways to go to get it how it should be, good as new. Let the wrenching begin !

RaceMaxx - Slot Workshop's Pre-Routed, Pre-Finished Slot Car Track Sections
RaceMaxx is Slot Workshop's pre-routed, pre-finished, pre-cut wood slot car track sections, allowing anyone to build a professional-grade wood slot car track in a couple of hours. RaceMaxx is "braid ready", and can be bought in kits or sections, with or without high-quality wire braid and 3M double-stick tape. RaceMaxx is exclusive to Slot Workshop, and is made by thermoforming an epoxy surface onto an MDF core material. The result is a super smooth finish that is fast, fun and "grippy", yet easy to maintain.