AMC AMX 2 H.O. Slotcar Track Racing with Train Crossing

Winter Fun - 2nd Camera Angle - HO Slotcar Race track has (2) H.O. Train crossings. Tomy turbo Chassis. Race 3-4 laps to beat train to crossings back and forth.

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MEGA Slot Car Track with NASCAR Train
This is my first slot car and train track on video. The slot car track is 520 ft long and takes 66 seconds to go around one lap.

Giant Slot Car Track

Belle Mead Speedway, Tyco TRC Slotless track
Tyco TCR Slotless racing. TCR Total Control Racing features slotless track which permits lane changing on the straights.

Tyco Best Layout
I used a Ferrari 500 Layout, and I upgraded with a loop, daredevil jump, cliffhanger and a Tyco train.... It has two train cross, 4 criss cross, 6 squeeze tracks and a lap counter..... simply a great layout.....