AMC AMX 2 H.O. Slotcar Track Racing with Train Crossing

Winter Fun - 2nd Camera Angle - HO Slotcar Race track has (2) H.O. Train crossings. Tomy turbo Chassis. Race 3-4 laps to beat train to crossings back and forth.

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MEGA Slot Car Track with NASCAR Train
This is my first slot car and train track on video. The slot car track is 520 ft long and takes 66 seconds to go around one lap.

HO Slot Car Racing at Scott's Aurora Raceway
Scott's Aurora AFX Slot Cars Presents IROC Racing Series - Matched Aurora AFX Magnatraction Slot Cars A-Production Corvette Body's, Chassis all have matching parts. Visit My Website @

Limited Scalextric GT at Sidewinder Raceway Feb. 19th 2014 (slot cars)
Subscribe for new videos. No magnet, stock 18k motors, track power is 10v, free choice running gear and guide, utilizing rubber tires only.

North Carolina HO Slot Car Racing