Team Pontiac Racing / Test n Tune 20-22 Maj - Malmö

Team Pontiac Racing Sweden. Pontiac power from Kauffman Racing. Street 10.5 WWW:TEAMPONTIACRACING:SE

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7.98 - 280km/h - 3218lbs - Street10.5 - REAL PONTIAC!
Pontiac engine whit 3218lbs Firebird-73 from Sweden. Facebook page:

Rekord körning av Anders Edh, Hudiksvall på Sweden Nationals 2
Rekord körning av Anders Edh, Hudiksvall på Sweden Nationals 2 Tierp Arena 30/7 2011 med sin Camaro Anders tävlar normalt i klassen Street 10.5 men var med i klassen Super Comp här. Drag race Dragracing 1/4 mile Foto: © Osmo Musik: Adel Andersson, Malmö

Spiritual Warfare Pontiac, It's Alive
It's Alive, It's Aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive. The Pontiac Kauffman Racing Engine has been down since Aug 2009. Both heads have been repaired after freezing water a few winters ago broke them in several different places. I also made changes to the fuel system by removing the Big n Ugly injection and replacing it with 2 alky converted Dominators. This change was made so that if I want to go get my groove on I can do it by myself. Anyway, I flipped the ignition switch, hit the starter button and she fired right up and idled. I installed QuickFuel Alcohol conversion kits in my 8896 Holley's and their instructions had me idling right off the get go.

Micael Eriksson - Team Pontiac Racing 2010
Pontiac Racing Sweden Season 2010. Swedish Pontiac Record 8.56 / 257km/h Thanks to all sponsors this season! More info: