XRM-125 Modified to Mono Shock

XRM 125 Black edition with DBS swing arms(alloy) DBS Rear sets... DBS seat cover Comstar alloy rim Gold,"U" type Rear & front diskBreak FiberGlass Underneath DBS seat cover Stanley headlights Original From raider 150 X-9 HID 18K Big Battery

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Honda XRM 125 2012 Modified
Honda XRM 125 2012 Modification..

honda wave 100r modified monoshock YSSsuspension
►►wave 100r modified features tire size ►f: 50/90 drag blaster ►R: 70/90 swallow full speed : 125 mono shock i use : YSS suspension YSS World Class Suspension YSS Top Line Z shocks are developed to cope with the growing demand for high performance gas shocks. Teflon coated Sinter DU Bushes and heat treated hard chromed shafts are used to make this precision shock. The YSS Top Line Z rear monoshock features: ►Self adjusting emulsion gas shock for a quicker reaction and better predictably ►Thread spring preload ►Rebound adjustable to control how fast the shock springs back after being compressed ►Length adjustable All YSS shocks have ISO and ABE certification from German regulation authority TUV and come with a two year warranty.

Xrm & Raider J Modified

XRM-125 Silent-Scream2
My XRM slideshow - Silent-Scream. This is the 2nd Video, an Update on my XRM-125. Check out my Suzuki Raider R150 (new Breed) video soon. Ride safe everyone