2010 Audi s4 stronic

shot of the tachometer and speedometer of the new audi S4 with supercharged V6 shifting up and down through a few gears. Simple video with good sound and impression of shifting speed. Follow my Twitter at MR2Pritch

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Panamera Turbo Launch Control
Quick video of the new Porsche Panamera turbo using its launch control on a wet track

370z lap
lap of a handling course in a new Nissan 370Z roadster. It's automatic, but you can see and hear how fast the paddle-shift mode on this 7-speed gearbox works, and listen to the great engine sound effects. Camera is a touch shaky, but a good quick video with some sounds and sights of the car........... follow my tweets at mr2pritch

tdi dsg shifting quiet
video of the 2010 VW Golf Wagon TDI with dsg tramsmission. shows the speed of shifting up and down, as well as acceleration. Also, how quiet the engine is. You'll hear more wind noise, even at full throttle where most of this video was shot

R8 V10 launches
quick amateur video of the Audi R8 V10 launching on a wet track