World's Smallest Straight 4 Engine, #2

A custom designed miniature 4-cylinder engine called the Coyotee. Water cooled, spark ignition, overhead cam. See more at

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World´s Smallest Running Engines Compilation
Amazing Miniature Handmade Engines Compilation

13 Miniature Handmade Engines
Original uploads in order of appearance: V8 Nitro V8 Challenger V10 V8 Chevrolet V8 Challenger 6 Cylinder Boxer V12 W-32 18 Cylinder Radial Stinger 609 V8 Flat Head V8 Schillings V8 4 Stroke IC Facebook:

Schillings V8 80cc model engine running with great sound.avi
Schillings V8 model engine. 80cc, Methyl fuel, glow plug ignition, freewheeling electro starter powered by Lipo 5000mAH 2S.

Amazing Miniature Handmade Engines Compilation
Handmade Mini Engines Compilation