Biker alleges Dallas Sheriff Deputy made up charge to seize video evidence (RAW)

***UPDATE: On 9/12/2012 the Dallas Sheriff's Office suspended Deputy Westbrook for 38-days without pay. Read more: *** This is a raw video. The highlights of this video sections can be found here: - 3:28 Initial interaction - 6:31 Arrest - 7:59 Final Interaction On Memorial Day Weekend, motorcycle rider Chris Moore was arrested by Dallas Deputy Sheriff James Westbrook. The arrest was part of crackdown against sport bike riders. Moore says Westbrook made up a charge in order to gain access to the video camera mounted on his helmet. The broadcast story from WFAA-TV can be found here:

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YOU....Pull Over!
I was having an awesome ride till this happened lol :P If anything he could have thrown the book at me and taken my baby away but i got very lucky......again hehehe Lane Splitting is NOT illegal in the state of Victoria Australia OR illegal to not have ya Licence On you when pulled over by police. Why didn't i run? LOL, yeah that would have been a good idea, when he was right behind me and could read my plate, sure i would get away, only to find them waiting at my door when i got home.... Why did i lane split?...because the person driving in the right hand lane was finding it difficult to stay in their lane, which is why i glance at my right mirror just after passing them because they almost forced me into the undercover cop car to the left. I'm here for a good time, not a long time...if you don't like the way i ride...why watch this video? i've been riding the same way for 20 years. By all means troll away & to the rest of you, cheers for watching...YOU ROCK! :)

Police Arrest Man For Recording Her Lies
I was just standing in a vacant dirt lot watching some people jump a car when the police pull up and ask for IDs. Nothing was stolen and everything was legal. They checked their IDs and when they were finished they focused on me. I refused to identify myself because according to the law I'm not required to. The police will lie, violate your rights and even break the law because they believe they're above the law. “For licensing and usage, contact:”

Police VS Drift Moto (HQ)
Police VS Moto (HONDA CBR)

NEW police harassing me
cop thinks i am a illegal dirt bike rider