chevy colorado 2.8 magnaflow universal race series muffler (2)

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4 inch Magnaflow race series muffler
I know I enjoy Exhaust sound clip videos so I thought I would share mine. I changed mufflers on my 2001 Camaro SS. Went from a Spintech to a Magnaflow race series. This was a "dead cold" start on a cold night. Filmed with a GoPro.

chevy colorado 2.8 magnaflow universal race series muffler (1)

3.7 Chevy Colorado Magnaflow Exhaust
07 3.7 chevy colorado longtube header 3inch pipe 12 inch resonator magnaflow muffler 12619 more info here

dodge ram 1500 exhaust stacks magnaflow 4" race muffler
So I got pulled over last weak for being to loud so I decided to try a slightly bigger muffler. Its a magnaflow round race muffler # 14163. Now this is first start up and it still needs the 1200 mile break in so its pretty quiet. Ill make a new vid once its broken in. 2001 dodge ram 1500 5.2 5 speed 5" lift 4" magnaflow race muffler # 14163 4" stacks 3.5" magnaflow cat super swamper ssr's 33/14.5 r16 ebay cold air intake mickey thompson classic 2's