2010 Camaro L99 with Hellion Twin Turbo 545rwhp 560rwtq on 7psi w/ exhaust open

2010 Camaro SS L99 Automatic mods: Hellion Twin turbo kit Noweeds.net Exhaust diverters installed and tuned by Walsh Motor Sports in Michigan everything else is bone stock! The car makes stupid amounts of power and maintains great driveability.

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Hellion Twin turbo 5th gen camaro ss
Fresh off the Dyno testing the new hellion 62mm TT setup out.. only running 5lbs of Boost as of now and its still lighting the 24s up 🐌🐌💪🏁 more footage coming soon T.A.F racing

Hellion Twin Turbo Camaro vs C6 Z06
TT Camaro on 5 lbs of Boost C6 Z06 stock 1st run was in 1st gear low roll 2nd run was a 45 hit Camaro had a Boost leak and wasnt hitting full Boost

2010 Camaro w/ Turbonetics Single Turbo Kit & Cam Package by Monster Motorsports
Nelson's 2010 Camaro getting a Big Singleturbo Setup, Complete DOD/VVT Delete Conversion to LS3, Monster turbo Cam Kit, Great Monster Tuning. This customer left with 488.5 RWHP & 521.5 RWTQ

Turbocharged L99 Camaro Dyno
400HP L99 Camaro get's Boost !! 7psi 91 pump gas tune. 165whp & 227wtq Gains. More information contact A.I.R. www.ai-racing.com 303-422-RACE