A Lego technic F1 racecar wth powerfunctions. Remote driving, steering and shifting between two gears! Two motors to drive the rear wheels through a 2-gear-transmission, controlled by the remote controller. The steering mechanism is based on a return-to-centre principle that allows the steeringmotor to keep on turning while the wheels are in a maximum steering position. The transmission is sprayed with an anti-friction-oil, to make sure it spins smouth.

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lego technic dragster speed record
Don't know why - I think this is my worst video though it is the most watched :-). Checkout my latest video ! Lego dragster with a modified PF-M motor. Top speed is about 15km/h. When stalled, the modified motor draw 6A at 7V whereas a standard PF-Medium motor draw 850mA and a PF-XL draw 1.8A. The motor is on sell at bricklink .

Lego Technic Flat V 180º Turbo Engine by Solde
Real working Flat V 180º Engine at 6.000 Rpm 8 Valves

Simple but Fast Lego RC Car
Check out our other videos here! Tutorial Available Here: Here is a simple Lego Technic RC car I made using three medium motors. Experimenting with the Medium motors for drive I came up with this and was pretty happy with the outcome. The car turned out to be very fast and could even drift. Also in order to allow for more torque I allowed to model to have an interchangeable gear for the drive. Lastly I made a body that's interchangeable as well out of just paper to give it a pretty cool look. Hope you guys enjoy and please rate, comment and subscribe.

Little Talks Guitar Cover by Lego Mindstorms EV3
It's Lego, and it's playing guitar :)