A Lego technic F1 racecar wth powerfunctions. Remote driving, steering and shifting between two gears! Two motors to drive the rear wheels through a 2-gear-transmission, controlled by the remote controller. The steering mechanism is based on a return-to-centre principle that allows the steeringmotor to keep on turning while the wheels are in a maximum steering position. The transmission is sprayed with an anti-friction-oil, to make sure it spins smouth.

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10 Coolest Strongest Toys Which Actually Exist !
10 Coolest Powerful Toys In The World 10 strongest toys which are best best toy for kids smart robo toys, remote control toys special credit and links "Optimus Overkill 6x6 Smoking Truck" Filmed by RCSparks Studio thanks for helping us to make this video possible --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------- Credits: and source We Got all permission to use these video, we are thankful to them. + T-rex 600 -T-Rex 600 is a RC Helicopter designed remote control Toy +Canadian National #6060 -Here is Ernie firing up and running the locomotive at the Bitter Creek Western railroad. +RC FIRE FIGHTER TANK -These cute firefighter Vehicle Toys +SCHUMACHER MI3 -A amateur designer created this little masterpiece by spending 4000 US dollars , mi 3 is a radio controlled toy but also most expensive in the world +Tiger 2 Also known as Royal Tiger , it’s design made of Fiberglass and all gear parts are made of metals +MI-24 Americans made an exact copy of soviet helicopter mi 24 ,which can fly to a height of 2.4 km above ground , it can easily and smoothly fly in the sky +F-16 cobra This is a unique design which presented in Germany September 2016, it is an exact replica of F16 Supersonic fighter in Significantly smaller size , its weight is 18kg +PINK PANTHER-This is a radio controlled toy , it has speed of 740 km/hr that is why it won the world record in gunness book, for highest speed achieved by radio controlled model +BOEING 747 The designed and pantry is Incredibly exact to Boeing 747 this model is Radio controlled which is 5.5 meter long and 68 kg its weight +B2 SPIRIT stealthy strategic plane developed by North American company Northrop Grumman --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---- MUSIC CREDIT propelling Noah Smith Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.. CONTACT ME ON MY FACEBOOK PAGE PLEASE DONATE US FOLLOW TOP 10 INFORMATION Facebook Page:- MESSEGE ME Google Plus:- Twitter:- SUBSCRIBE:-

Lego Technic Compact Steering, Drive and Suspension Unit (with Instructions)
Hi! Welcome to my latest video, a compact, (if not the most compact out there) steering, suspension and drive unit made entirely fro m lego technic! In fact, it is that small that there is only 1 stud between both suspension arms. This allows (with the wheels shown in the video), a total width of 18 studs, which as most of you probably know, is not very big! Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the video. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------- Instructions: e-and-suspension-unit-instructions/ --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------- My MocPages: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------- My Instagram: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------- Music: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------- Google+ : --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------- My Blog: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------- Thanks for watching :D and don't forget to subscribe, like and so whatever else you guys do!

Lego Technic Flat V 180º Turbo Engine by Solde
Real working Flat V 180º Engine at 6.000 Rpm 8 Valves

10 MOST AMAZING Lego Machines
Lego isn't just for kids. Its versatility has been exploited by innovating programmers to create more advanced models and machines. Combining average plastic Lego bricks with other forms of Lego, such as Lego Pneumatic, Lego Technic and the programmable robotics construction set that is Lego Mindstorms, the simplest building blocks have been utilised for some amazing advanced creations. Subscribe for more! ► ◄ Stay updated and vote on new videos by liking our facebook! ► ◄ Get in touch or join the team: Please checkout each amazingly talented creators below! JK Brickworks: Nico71: AstonishingStudios: Sariel: Darrous: Akiyuky: Daniel: Freggel10: TA Vision Studios: Swisstechnic: Superlegosam: ElectryDragonite: Charles Z: RM8: Desert Eagle Lego: To view each individual creation simply click on the annotation or view them below. SPOILER ALERT!!! We suggest that you watch the video for a more informative and entertaining experience, but a list of the 10 is below: Intro: - - - - - - - ➢10. Clocks - ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ➢9. Lego Printer - ; ➢8. Milling Machines - ; ➢7. Guns - ; ; ; ➢6. Loom Machines - ; ; ➢5. Vending Machines - ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ➢4. Arcade Machines - ; ; ; ; ; ; ➢3. Kinetic sculptures - ; ; ; ; ; ➢2. Vehicles - ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ➢1. SUPER Smart Robots - ; Music Credit: "Funky Chunk" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License