A Lego technic F1 racecar wth powerfunctions. Remote driving, steering and shifting between two gears! Two motors to drive the rear wheels through a 2-gear-transmission, controlled by the remote controller. The steering mechanism is based on a return-to-centre principle that allows the steeringmotor to keep on turning while the wheels are in a maximum steering position. The transmission is sprayed with an anti-friction-oil, to make sure it spins smouth.

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lego technic dragster speed record
Don't know why - I think this is my worst video though it is the most watched :-). Checkout my latest video ! Lego dragster with a modified PF-M motor. Top speed is about 15km/h. When stalled, the modified motor draw 6A at 7V whereas a standard PF-Medium motor draw 850mA and a PF-XL draw 1.8A. The motor is on sell at bricklink .

LEGO 16 Cylinder Radial Engine with Variable Pitch Propeller
A 16 cylinder radial engine with variable pitch propeller

Lego Technic Flat V 180º Turbo Engine by Solde
Real working Flat V 180º Engine at 6.000 Rpm 8 Valves

LEGO GEARBOX sequential / tiptronic 6-speed!!
INSTRUCTIONS ARE AVAILABLE!!! HERE: 6-Speed tiptronic/sequential transmission with neutral and a diffrential. See my other videos for a 6 speed gearbox with Reverse and for the pneumatic (lpe) V8 engine.