HDAY - Project HDAY Giveaway Car E-Town August 11th & 12th, 2012 Pt. 2...

The HDAY team has an update for our enthusiasts. Here we see the project that has been made with the Project Integra DC2 Honda Day Giveaway car!! This will be our 10th Anniversary giveaway car which will be given to one lucky winner who attends HDAY on August 12th, 2012!!! Check back as we will be providing yet another update on the giveaway car soon!! www.GoHday.com Instagram = instagram.com/OfficialHDAY Twitter = twitter.com/OfficialHDAY

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98 Honda Civic - Project HDAY Zmax 2015 Giveaway Stage 5
The 2015 HDAY zMax giveaway project car is Finally Complete & ready for one lucky winner! Team OGS1320 put countless hours into this build and with the help from our sponsors & friends, this project came together in just 3 short weeks from start to finish. Watch as the car gets the last touches from the FD2 JDM Civic Type R front seats and the the rear seats were sent off to get custom made to match the front seats. We also installed the J Blood front bumper giving the car a new look. The car got tuned by Eric "YOSOLO" to give the car the performance, great drivability and a safe tune to keep this car running for years to come , To learn more about the car & our upcoming event this weekend at zMax Dragway in Concord, NC presented by BC Brian Crower visit www.gohday.com, This car will be given away on June 14th. You have to be there to win it. www.GoHday.com Instagram = instagram.com/OfficialHDAY Twitter = twitter.com/OfficialHDAY

Hondaday.com - Project Honda Day Atco 2K13 Pt. 2 - April 13th & 14th, 2013!!
Honda Day @ Atco Raceway is coming up once again on April 13th & 14th, 2013! Checkout part 2 of the Project Car Giveaway build up! Yes, this is the car which will be given away to one lucky Honda Day Atco attendee! Anyone can win so just show up to the event and enter your name to possibly win this car!! Checkout Honda Day on Instagram @hondaday !! Checkout Nyce1s @ http://www.facebook.com/nyce1s !! Checkout Honda Day via Facebook @ http://www.facebook.com/hondaday !!

We visit Josh Croll from Crolls Customs to bring you a full death look at his Fully Converted Right-Hand-Drive DC5 Integra Type R. We got to take the turbo Powered DC5 around the back roads of Mertztown, PA to see how Functional it really is. With 425WHP and it's Circuit Style Setup, this DC5 left us speechless the way it powered through the roads and handled through some winding turns. Func-tionDesignsCo. Filmed - Canon Rebel XT2i | GoPro HD Hero Music: Chris Brown - Look at Me Now Dubstep Remix www.GoHday.com Instagram = instagram.com/OfficialHDAY Twitter = twitter.com/OfficialHDAY

My First Honda Day | 2011 | LosGoonies | KennyCanoFilms
This Year I decided to pay tribute to the Honda Community, having come from a BMW background it was a new world, Ill be honest to say I did not expect to have that much fun at Honda Day. It was a two-day Event, met a lot of great people, made great friends and memories. I can honestly say I will be an event that I will attend every year from now on. Enjoy Filmed and Edited by Kenny Cano.